Apple TV stuck on Setting Date and Time, fix

New Apple TV users mostly faced this issue. Whet they try to setup Apple TV, they can’t get past the date and time setup screen.
Solution 1:-
Connect your ATV to different wireless network. (Most of the Apple TV users experience success connecting to their iPhone or any other mobile device’s hotspot network.
Turn on Hotspot on iPhone (How to)

  • Go to General -> Cellular and turn on ‘Cellular Data’.
  • Go to Settings and turn on ‘Personal Hotspot’.
  • Assign password for network.

On your Apple TV, press menu button until you can able to access Settings screen.
Navigate to Settings ->General ->Network ->WiFi and connect to mobile hotspot.
Return to the main menu. Now you should able to access Apple TV content.
Go to Settings ->General ->Network ->WiFi and connect to Home network.
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Solution 2:-
This issue might happened because your router firewall blocking the correct port.
Log into router and lower the security settings.
You can reset it to default after you successfully passed the Date and Time screen settings.
Other Solutions:-

  • Unplug the Ethernet cable from the Apple TV and plug back in.
  • Restart both wireless router and Apple TV.
  • Log into modem and open port 123.

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