Apple TV stuck on preparing update, fix

Apple TV stuck at Step 1 of 2 Preparing update…
iOS update stuck in 16%, 80%, 85%. You can fix this issue with several ways.
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Fix 1:- 
Press and hold Menu+Play/Pause until the Apple TV LED rapidly flashes.  Wait 5 seconds. Apple TV will reboot.
Fix 2:-
Switch from Ethernet to WiFi.
Unplug the Ethernet from Apple TV and reboot ATV using remote.
While connected to WiFi, re run the update from the Settings menu.
Fix 3:-
Force reboot Apple TV using remote. Then turn of sleep timer for good measure.
Now run the update again from settings.
Fix 4:-
Connect Apple TV to computer using mini-USB. Launch iTunes and restore.
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If your “Apple TV update is frozen” issue not solved yet, do let us via comment.

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