Apple TV : Sound Not Working? Here's how to fix it

Lot of Apple TV users faced this problem. Suddenly Apple TV sound not working. No Audio on Apple TV.
This problem happened because of the wrong Apple TV configuration or new iOS update.
Solution 1: Turn off Dolby Digital

  1. On your Apple Tv, navigate to Settings > Audio & Video.
  2. In Apple TV Audio & Video settings, turn off  ‘Dolby Digital’ option.

Apple TV dolby digital off
Solution 2: Set Audio Output o to 16 bit

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Audio & Video -> Audio Output
  2. Change the Audio output to ’16 bit’

Solution 3:  No audio from any Apple TV apps like Netflix, iTunes Movies etc.
Check the Airplay speaker setting. Audio might output to wrong speakers.
Go to Settings -> Airplay -> Speakers. If it set to wrong speaker, set it to right speaker.
If you are Airplay video and audio from your iPhone or iPad to Apple TV, make sure your iPhone/iPad sound is not muted and it set to ringtone mode
Solution 4 : Restart Apple TV
Press and hold the Menu button and Down button together for 6 seconds or more seconds until your Apple TV restarts.
Solution 5:  If you are using 3rd party Home theatre or optical digital audio port 
Apple TV HDMI port
Try to connect your television directly to the Apple TV using HDMI cable, if you are using optical digital audio port or 3rd party home theatre system.
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Other solutions;-

  • Check your TV volume. It might reduced or muted.
  • If you can’t hear sound while navigating Apple TV menus, go to Settings -> Audio & Video -> Sound Effects. Turn it On.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Audio & Video -> TV Resolution,. Change the resolution to 1080p HD – 50Hz’. Now check the audio.
  • Reset Mac audio driver (if you are using Airplay method). Open Mac Terminal app and type the command sudo kill `ps -ax | grep ‘coreaudiod’ | grep ‘sbin’ |awk ‘{print $1}’`

If you knew any other solutions to solve “Apple TV no audio or sound not working in Apple TV” issue, inform us via comment.

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Thank you so much! There are few things that bug me as much as having the sound go out on my TV. Plus when you have a bunch of little kids at your home TV repair can be stressful. I didn't think of changing the resolution. If it happens again I'll see if that helps.

Turning off the Dolby digital worked for me but now the quality of the sound is awful! Why would it work for so long before and now stop working?

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