Apple TV Channels List (Free & Premium)

Most of us have an Apple TV in our home. We can see the Movies, songs, and clips on our TV. There are many free and premium channels available in Apple TV. In this article, I am going to tell you some Apple TV channel list for you.

Free Channels:

1.ABC News

ABC News is the best News channel for Apple TV. It offers streaming video and lives that information is useful for who watching this channel. This channel provides you to get useful information and news. In this channel, you can get up to date news. Top stories will be appearing on live streams. It updates the news constantly and breaking news also appear on live streams. This channel provides many news like Health News, Technology, US New, Travel and Money, International Politics, Entertainment, Finance News and International Politics. With this channel, you can get more information about these categories up to date. Some popular news is available on this channel such as Nightline, World News, this week are available to viewers, 20/20 and Good Morning America. All these information updated regularly. Then it provides some local news in urban areas like San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, New York, Raleigh, Los Angeles, Fresno, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia. This news display on the user’s


Flickr is one of the best social networks for sharing Photos. Whoever can upload the photos to this channel and whoever can see this photos. It will show your photos as screen saver or slide show. If you want to upload your photo to the Flickr, you should have an account for that. Then you can use this photo for your Apple TV as a screen saver. Flickr has an adult


Bloomberg is the 24 hours live news channel for the Apple TV. it’s mainly based on finance, technology, politics, lifestyle, and business. All the News will be up to date. Then users can see on their needs content at any time in this channel. This is user-friendly and very easy to use. From the top menu bar, the live performance is available. The watcher can browse the programming schedule and see the live programs from there. Bloomberg is the best news channel for Apple TV who want to know the news regularly. This is absolutely free for the Apple TV. Users can use this Bloomberg app on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod for getting quotes and financial

4.PBS Kids

PBS Kids channel provides many useful programs like The Electric company and Sesame Street. Every child like these type of shows that PBS Kids is best one for that. If you want to watch this channel, you have to activation. First, you have to open the PBS Kids channel and it takes few minutes for completing the process. Then open the browser and drop this link Next, enter the activation code that displayed on your Apple TV. After that, sign in to this channel using Google+, PBS account, and Facebook. After completion of this process, you will press the menu button on your TV Remote. Now, you can watch the program on this channel. It was made for kids only. This is very easy to use so the children can maintain this easily. Parents can set the Parental controls for their children who don’t want to see the unwanted content. Then watchers can add the shows as favorites. Favorite shows appear at the top of the screen with the large icon. Users can report issues, seeing legal information, deactivate this channel or donate in the Settings page. If you find anything is missing or incorrect captioning, you can report this to PBS.pbs-kids


Vevo is the best music videos channel for the Apple TV.  This music video streaming channel provides more than 75,000 HD music videos and covers more category. This channel is the partnership between Google, Abu Dhabi Media, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. At the top menu, users can access to search the songs, playlists, and settings. From search tab, users can search the songs and click on that search results that take to the artist’s page. From this page, you can see the music videos with artists image. User scan plays the videos according to their needs. If you are going outside to the party with your friends, you can take it this app with you and auto play option is very useful for your need. Users can create the playlist to create that open Vevo website and configure and activate playlist. After that, it shows on your Apple TV. Defaultly explicit content is turned off. So you have to turn on in Vevo’s settings at the top menu bar.vevo-img


Tastemade is the best food channel for Apple TV. This channel is different comparing than others and it’s fully digital. This show was made by foodies and popular chefs. Everyone likes this channel. So you can easily learn to cook using this channel. One of the best culinary programming for your Apple TV. And this is user-friendly. So everyone can use this easily. It has only main screen and search screen. All the contents are useful and those videos are in the grid. Many shows, culinary city guides, and featured episodes are available on this channel.Tastemade-img

7.Smithsonian Channel

Smithsonian channel offers non-fiction and documentaries content. This channel is only for who want to learn about history and science. The contents are really easy to learn. It has some short videos for content. This channel is user-friendly so that everyone has easy to pick up the content within the short period. It has no option that searches and menu buttons. Videos are categorized by group. So you can choose it to ease. But it wasn’t a huge amount of content. But it’s satisfied the viewers need. It will play the video constantly when one video is completed. This content includes the children’s programming.Smithsonian-Channel


Trailers is the best Apple TV channel who is movie addict. It has many trailers for upcoming movies. So, you can see that from your home through this channel. From iTunes users and Tomatoes, you can also read the movie reviews. So, you can get some idea about that movie. This is user-friendly that you can easy to use. Viewers can browse the programming time and enter the zip code using Showtime option. There you can also see the calendar view that you can easily browse the upcoming movie releases. Then viewers can search the trailers what they like. Additionally, it has More button to see the details about the movie and read reviews and ratings.trailers-img

9.Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood has versatile content that is Sports, Music, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. This content doesn’t have any gossip. This channel is only available on Apple TV and it’s partnership with Apple. The main screen offers the best programming. The videos are available in the grid format and those are arranged by categories that are YH Favorites, Celebrity Interviews, and Original Shows. Some shows are available in Shows menu features such as Quiet on the Set, Food Feed, and Backstage Diaries. Users can search the Comedians, Actresses and Actors interviews by selecting a category.Young-Hollywood

10.Daily Motion

Daily Motion is one of the best Video sharing networks. It’s similar to Vimeo and Youtube. This channel is available in 18 languages and available 36 countries. This is also user-friendly. All videos are available grid type and it’s grouped by categories. Available content in this channel is News, Movies, Gaming, TV, Sports, and Music. All video content is the mix of amateur video. And it gives big players such as NBA and Disney. Sadly, you can’t subscribe the channel, can’t add feedback and add favorites. Viewers can’t sign in to this channel.Daily-Motion

Premium Channels:


Netflix is the best video channel for your Apple TV. It is the first third-party subscription channel to the Apple TV. the videos and movies are constantly playing. There are thousands of movies and videos are available in this service. It has own program that is critically acclaimed programs such as Arrested Development, Lilyhammer, and House of Cards. This is really strong and it is the best one comparing than other cable providers. This user interface is plain and easy to use. Then you can create multiple profiles. You can select that profile when you open your channel. Users can easily share the videos to anyone and they can browse the Videos, New Releases, and TV Shows. You can use autoplay option for watching the videos continuously. After completing the current video, it will minimize. Then it will show the other episodes to play. This channel is sync with your all devices. If you are watching one program on your Apple TV, you can resume that on your iPhone or iPad.

Price: $7.99/mo up to 2 screens at a time; $11.99/mo up to 4 screens at a


NHL channel is the best sports channel. Users can see live Nation Hockey Leagues in this channel. This user interface is very simple and clear that makes you easy to use. Then users can easily search the games using the search option. If your internet connection is good, you can watch the live games in Hd without any troubles. If you are missing the game to watch, you can replay it. If you are subscribing GameCenter Live, you can watch the videos on your iPad, iPhone or any other web browsers.

Price: $99.99.nhl-img


Major League Soccer is a popular channel on Apple TV. Soccer fans can watch the favorite shows on this channel. It provides live shows and highlights. This is user-friendly. So users can maintain this channel ease. If they want to see particular match or show, can use search option to find that. It compatible with your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. So you can watch the shows from anywhere.

Price: $14.99/mo and some clips are


KORTV is most of famous than Apple TV. It has premium and 17 free Korean TV channels. Users can watch the live videos or other shows. It is not available in English content. But the Korean channel is best for those who want to study this language. KORTV is important to the Apple TV. Users can use this KORTV to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Price: $1.99 to $3.99 for premium channels: $4.99 Subscriptions: many live channels are freeKORTV-img


Feeln is the best channel for your Apple TV. it’s not like Broadcast or cable Tv. it’s based on subscription. This channel content is that family programming. So, everyone will like this channel. There are many family-friendly movies are available. It was found by Robert N. Fried. Then you can see the featured program at the top of the screen. All program are grouped by categories. It has a huge amount of content and many popular movies and Academy Award Winners. If gives 25 TV series and shows like Blue Planet, Baseball, and 24/7 Wild. All contents are original and it offers Hallmark program that is available in Hallmark menu. Then users can search the content by using search menu.

Price: $47.99 for an annual subscription. $4.99/month. Then free trial also available.Feeln-img


Qello is one of the best concerts channel for the Apple TV. if you are loving concerts, you just try out this channel. It’s really good to all. You can see more than hundred of concerts in online streams and videos are in HD. It offers best concerts than iTunes and Netflix. It has also many videos and music documentaries. Here the various type of music is available from 1920 to now. This is user-friendly that makes easy to use. Then you can search the content which you want. It was grouping by categories so you can easily find the video or music. It offers free trial offer for 7 days.

Price: $4.99 per month. $44.99 per year.qello-img

7.WWE Network

WWE Network defines World Wrestling Entertainment. It is professional wrestling organization. And it includes some various wrestling organization such as Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling. If you fan of wrestling, WWE is the best choice for that. If you want to see the programs, you have subscribed this channel. Then it provides 24/7 streaming programs. This channel offers original content such as reality shows, documentaries, and series. It won’t provide free content to you though it offers the free trial for one week. Then users can log in to WWE website. You can access this on your iPhone, iPad and web browser.

Price: $60 and tax for 6 months.wwe-network


Willow provides the cricket to the Apple Tv. Everyone likes cricket. This channel is best for those who want to know about cricket. You can see this programming on satellite, web browser and cable. Users can see the match on lively and also browse to know about future games. Then users can select Highlights, Settings, Replays from the menu. Once you subscribe, you can use it on your iPhone, iPad and web browser. It has no free content. Even if you want to see the highlights, you need to subscribe to that. Then if you are missed any matches, you can the see the match using Replays menu.

Price: $14.99/moWillow-img


Major League Baseball is sports channel for Apple TV. Users can see the live clips and baseball games on this channel. The viewers can search and watch the scores and standings. You can see this videos in HD and watch the Spring Training Games. It applies blackout restriction that one can’t watch all games. Users interface makes easy to use for the users. After subscription, users can use this on their iPad, iPhone, Android, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Roku.

Price: $24.99 per year. Standings, clips, and Scores are


NBA is only for who like Basketball. Users can watch the live videos and need highlights using this channel for Apple TV. It provides 720p HD if your internet connection is high. Apply Blackouts for all sports channel. It’s really different comparing than other and it’s available on cable. Users can watch four programs at once on their screen. Users can also browse the content and watch it ease. If an amount is over, you can pay in 5

Price: $199 for 30 teams. $139.99 for 5 favorite teams. Highlights and Standings are free.


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