Apple TV Keeps Asking for Apple ID, Password & Authentication Code, Fix

Already Apple TV has many mess to solve, now another one. Yes, my Apple TV gen keeps on asking for two step verification, i had to sign in frequently. I didn’t even know where do i enter two factor authentication code? This article i have shared the tricks i have used to solved this problem.
Fix 1:
Just turn off the Two Factor Authentication code.
Fix 2:

  • In Apple TV, launch the password field where you have to enter the ID and Password.
  • To go launch Apple ID page.
    • Go to Second group of options security.
    • Then tap on Edit to turn off the Two Factor Authentication
    • If you have forgotten your password, you have to do a three security questions. Click Done.

    Note: 2FA disabled in Apple IDs like iCloud Email Accounts, created with iOS 10 or later.

  • Type your Apple ID
  • Enter the password, but don’t click on submit.
  • Try to get 6 digit code use any of your iOS device.
  • To get 6 digit code in an iPhone,

authentication code

  • Launch Settings -> ‘iCloud’ near by your name at the top of the screen -> Password and Security -> in that search for ‘Get Verification Code’.
  • Then you can get that the 6 digit code.
  • Type the 6 digit code immediately after entering your password without any gap or signs.
  • After entering your password and 6 digit code, click on the Submit button.

Note: If you are using Two Factor Authentication with iOS devices which have earlier OS versions means, you should enter 6 digit verification code at the end of your password directly in the password field, while signing in. so just choose a trustworthy device which has OS X EI Capitan oriOS 9 or you can send it to your personal phone number to get a verification code and sign in with two factor authentication.
After that you can see another Apple ID sign, you can skip it because it’s not necessary if you have done it promptly.
That the 6 digit code may expire after 30 seconds.
Fix 3:

  • First you have to turn the iCloud off on your ATV.
  • Then sign in iCloud by using your Password.
  • It may not work at the first time. Just try to get via phone.

Fix 4:
Go to Apple TV Settings -> iTunes Store -> Apple IDs -> log out
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