Fixed: Apple TV 4k is Not Sleeping and Stays On

When I was trying to put my Apple Tv to Sleep Mode, it didn’t sleep. I had tried many things. But it didn’t work. Finally, I got some solutions to resolve this problem. In this article, I am going to tell you some solution to resolve this problem.
Solution 1: Using Samsung Smart Remote

  • If you have Samsung Smart Remote, you can use it for controls the Apple TV.
  • First, you have to press the “Home” button on the remote and choose “Source”.
  • Then choose “Universal Remote” and from your Apple Tv disable the remote.
  • After that, your Apple TV stays in Sleep Mode.

Solution 2: Unplug your HDMI Cable

  • You have to unplug the HDMI cable from your Apple TV and then reinstall it.
  • Then you Apple TV will be sleeping in after 15 minutes.

Solution 3: Update the Firmware

  • Launch “Settings” app on your Apple TV.
  • Then select “System” -> select “Software Updates” -> select “Update software”.
  • If there is you can see any updates, choose “Download” and “Install’. Wait for few seconds to update the Apple Tv.
  • Don’t unplug the Apple Tv while it’s updating.

Solution 4: Restore your Apple TV
Before Restore, you have to take “Backup” your Apple TV. Because it’s Factory Settings that erase your Apple TV.

  • Launch “Settings” app on your Apple TV.
  • Choose “System” -> choose “Reset”.
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