Fixed: Apple TV 4K Random HDMI Signal Loss

Apple tv 4k HDMI signal loss

Recently, many of them facing an issue that is a random video signal loss whenever connected to Apple TV 4K. I have tried to change the HDMI port to another one, but I have seen the same issues. After that, I discussed this problem with my Colleague and he gave me some suggestions to fix this problem. Now, I’m gonna share those solutions in this article. Ok, let’s move on to the solution.

Apple TV 4K HDMI signal loss

Fix 1: Make sure that your Television supports the HDR

  • Go to Settings.
  • And select Video & Audio.
  • Choose the Match Content Option.
  • Check Enable the HDR set-up to support the format.

Fix 2: HDMI cable may have trouble in maintaining a stable connection.

Check your HDMI cable connection.

  • First, Go to Settings > Video and Audio.
  • Now, Select and Check HDMI Connection to run it for a 2-minute test.
  • If you still have the same issues with your HDMI cable connection, Then Check all of your connections.
  • Make sure that your HDMI cable has the label “Compatible Dolby Vision”.

Note: Use the best HDMI cable which supports Apple TV 4K.

Fix 3: Update tv OS 14.5

  • First, go to Settings on Apple TV.
  • Then select the System.
  • Next, choose Software Update.
  • If there is any update is available just click the Download and Install option.
  • And wait for a few minutes until the update finish.
  • Once the Update is completed your Apple TV restart automatically.
  • After that plug in your HDMI cable and check the connection.

Hope it is useful to you. If you have any doubt or suggestions let me know through the comment box below. Thank you.

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