Fixed: Apple TV 4: Siri is disabled and grayed out

Many of the Apple Tv 4th gen users complaints Siri is not working properly. Also, Siri does not respond, even won’t turn on at times, greyed out. Sometimes the users don’t understand the language of Siri. Siri is an excellent feature in ATV 4 to search Apple music, Tv shows, and films. So it is a bit difficult to accept that Siri is disabled in ATV. Let’s explore the solutions to this problem.
To know about ATV 4 Siri
Siri is restricted to work in particular countries and particular languages presently. Mostly if you do the language settings for your Siri you can solve this kind of problems at times. Those are,

  • English – US, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Spanish – Spain
  • French – France
  • Japanese – Japan
  • German – Germany

If you have purchased from other countries you won’t able to use Siri.
Also keep in mind, that you have to include Siri language as an alternative, but that should not be the language which is connected with UI and location of iTunes App Store.
To check
Siri Apple TV 4
Launch Settings -> General -> then turn Siri on or turn it off.
Solution 1: Choose a supported location
Go to Settings ->  Settings ->  Accounts ->  iTunes and App store ->  Preferences -> Location -> Choose a supported location.
Note: For example, if you want English just choose the US.
Solution 2: Language and Region format
Launch Settings -> General -> tap Language and Region format -> select Language.
Solution 3: Disable iTunes store
If you sign in to the iTunes store, the language of the Siri will be the language which is connected to that particular iTunes store. But by disabling iTunes store you can alter the system language, also Siri will work in that selected language.
Solution 4: Change iCloud account

  • Just set US account to your iCloud.
  • Then put your region account for home sharing or so.
  • After this just add US account to your iTunes Store and the App store.
  • By doing so, you can change your system to USA store.

solution 5: At times
Even sometimes you may be forced to choose other languages, but you speak another region. In such situations, just use short sentences this may work at times.
solution 6: To get English with Siri remote

  • Open Settings -> General -> tap Language and Region format -> select Language.
  • Then launch Settings -> Accounts ->  iTunes and App store ->  Preferences -> Location, here you can change your ATV’s App store location to the required available country.
  • Then log in with your US Apple ID by selecting Settings -> Accounts -> iTunes and App Store.
  • Then restart it by launching Settings -> System -> Restart.
  • Then turn on the Siri as instructed in ‘To check’

If you want English, just set System language, iTunes store and App store account location, Region format into English to get your Siri in English. But it won’t suitable for every place.
To get the Apple ID
If you want to have an Apple ID for the particular region mean, you need to know 3 basic things.

  • You should have a genuine billing address in that particular country.
  • Also, your credit card should be issued to that address or you must be bought an iTunes card in that country.
  • Or you have to be there by a person in that particular country at the time of purchase.

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