Fix: Apple TV 4th, 3rd Gen get Freezing and Buffering constantly

I bought 4th gen ATV a few months back, it freezes often whenever I was trying to watch films. Even the network was pretty speedy, but it was so slow to load movies always keeps pausing. Also, my iPhone and iPad were doing good in that net speed. When I asked my friend regarding this issue he said, he too had the buffering and slow streaming problem in his 3rd generation Apple TV.
He suggested me to do some steps, it worked for me. Before this, I have tried so many tricks. In this article, I shared those tips for you.
Do it with remote
Just press and hold ‘down + Menu’ for 6 seconds. This may help you. Because this command will do a restart.
Too easy
Just move your Apple Tv away from the cable box. Because at times slow streaming may happen because of frequency interference.
Or just go to a router then to Settings, in that change the MTU settings from Auto to 1480 or1500 to the internet.
Do it first
Move your Apple tv to the place where all other devices of you functioning without any mess.
Too simple
Just turn off the Bluetooth on your Mac. This will help you to get the perfect streaming. Or even you can try a speed test on your iPhone or iPad which should connect to wifi to the same cable modem.
Delete few devices
You may have many devices in the iTunes account. Just delete some unwanted devices which will not need for your ATV anymore. Through this, you may get rid of this problem.
Wi-Fi Smart Socket outlet
Even you can use wifi smart socket outlet US plug, through this you can reboot your ATV. With this remote IP-enabled AC switch you can operate the system even with your phone. Also, you can use the Zigbee power adapter to boot your system at any time.
Through iTunes Store or third-party apps

  • Restart your ATV, then attempt to download the contents one more time.
  • Then link your wifi if you are using a cellular connection.
  • Check that your wifi-router has 802.11a/g/n/ac compatible. If your wifi connection is slow means that the streaming will be slow too.
  • To get the faster HD quality video content must have the 8 Mbit/s.
  • If the video seems good on other devices means, just confirm that there is a problem in your network.
  • Also, check any problem in iTunes store or a third party provider’s website.
  • Ask your family members to stop using the same cellular connection. Because using same wifi connection by other devices too interrupt the streaming.

Airport Time capsule
Just plug your ATV ethernet straightly into one of the ports of Airport Time Capsule. By doing so, your ATV will take the wifi from the Time Capsule in order to the ethernet connection to the modem.
Direct ethernet
At times your neighbours may use the same wifi network. You can find this by using free software programs. So it’s better to connect your Apple TV directly to the ethernet connection. Just go to Settings, then General, in that choose Network in that try ethernet instead of wifi.
Change the route settings
Just check your Router settings in the unchecking box, and turn on the channel setting from “Auto scan channels” into ‘Manual’.
Alter the iTunes option
Go to your ATV Settings, in the iTunes option, just alter it from HD (1080p or 720p) to SD. This may solve your problem at times.
Go to settings -> Apps -> iTunes Movies and TV Shows.
Then do a quick start.
Via update
Try updating your Firmware version or a system software update.

  • For ATV 4 – Go to Settings  -> System  -> Software updates -> Update software
  • For ATV 3 – Go to Settings -> General -. Update software

software update
Reset ATV
Just unplug the HDMI, CAT 5e, also power for some 3-5 minutes. By doing this kind of resetting your buffering issue may get ready.
Other Solutions

  • By restarting all the network gear you can solve this problem. Use Netgear like Virgin Media Superhub. Even with restoring the device you can fix this.
  • Just buy a Chromecast or a Roku or an HDMI cord, then connect your laptop directly to the Apple TV.
  • If you are having Aussie crap AdSL2+, and your consistent is 1.9 MB/s down and 900 KB/s up, you can use $29 ADSL2+modem, to boost your ATV.
  • You can download Titanfall on steam to get the speed of 9MB/s.
  • Just logging out of the apps and log in again, this may rescue.
  • In this kind of situation, you can call the Time Warner, they will help you instantly.
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One response to Fix: Apple TV 4th, 3rd Gen get Freezing and Buffering constantly

Have tried all of these with no good result. Have greater than 100Mbps with less than 14ms latency measured at both an AppleTV 4K and at a 4th Gen AppleTV. Streaming video (netflix, sling, HBONow) through the AppleTVs always results in heavy buffering and interrupted video streams (about 30 seconds at a time). Trying a cheap little Roku stick in the exact same position runs flawlessly. This appears to be a defect in the design of the AppleTV.

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