Fix: Apple Pencil not working/charging on iPad

Apple introduces different devices to enhance your connectivity with digital life. iPad comes with a digital device that is a pencil. This helps to draw or write things that you wish. It is like you are writing on your hand. But at times it fails to work or connect with your device. This makes you frustrating. But don’t work this article provides you some fixes to solve your queries.
The reason for this issue:

  1. The rapid using of apple pencil will stop its working.
  2. Pencil charges with adaptor or lighting cable, but it won’t charge with iPad.
  3. The tip may pan out from the pencil. This needs replacement.
  4. Due to OS update problem.
  5. The tip may be loosened.

Note: Don’t give much pressure on the pencil.
Checking process:

  1. Touch any apps on the home page using your Apple Pencil.
  2. Apps will work properly if the pencil works.
  3. Or the pencil is not working.


  1. Proper care and cleaning are needed for the pencil.
  2. Restart or turn off the Bluetooth.
  3. Charge with your iPhone.
  4. Check if the Pencil is working or not. If not, change your Pencil in any Apple store.
  5. Contact Apple Support.

Solution 1: Charging issue

  1.  Navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth.
  2. Unpair/Delete the pencil’s connectivity.
  3. Again insert the Pencil to iPad for new pairing.
  4. Wait for the notification and pair the device again.
  5. It takes 10-15 minutes for charging this device.

Solution 2: Don’t charge the Apple Pencil
apple pencil crop charging
Don’t charge your Apple Pencil for few days and this seems to be working.
Note: Charge your Pencil only using iPad main charger or USB charge cable.
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Solution 3: Turn off Airplane mode
Check whether the Airplane mode is On. If so, turn Off the Airplane mode.
Solution 4: Unscrew the pencil
Unscrew the pencil

  1. Unscrew the pencil and remove the tip.
  2. Fix the tip again.
  3. This worked for many.

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