Apple Mac OS X Keyboard Symbols (Meanings & Glossary)

OS X Keyboard Symbols are basis of all keyboard shortcuts. So you need to learn them if you are new to Mac or Windows user. Mac keyboard shortcuts are same for all Apple OS X devices like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or MacBook Pro with retina display.
Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts look like this   Mac keyboard modifier icons.
⌘ = Command  key (Sometimes it displayed like  logo) – It also referred as “cmd” key
⇧ = Shift key
⌫ = Backspace or Delete key
⇪ = Caps lock
⌥ = Option or Alt key. Abbreviation is “opt”.
⌃ = Control key
⎋ = Escape key
←↑→↓ = Arrow Keys
↩= Return key
Apple Mac OS X keyboard symbols
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