How to fix: Apple ID Password Reset Email not coming

When apple users try to recover their Apple ID password with another email, the password never arrives on their inbox.
So many users reported this issue in Apple support community. But we still can’t find perfect solution for this issue. Because lot of users deleted their recovery email.
Here we provide some possible solutions recommend by Apple community users.
Fix 1:-

  1. Go to webpage and log in your old Apple ID.
  2. Remove or change the email address.
  3. Then log in in to desired Apple ID and choose verify again. Now tou will receive the email.

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Other Fixes :-

  • This problem might happened because of the wrong birth date.
  • If you have gmail address like [email protected], you can additional put + or some number before  @ and apple will thing its a different email address. But Gmail still received this message. Ex: [email protected]

Apple Support guide : If you didn’t receive your reset email
If you knew any other solutions, do let us via comment.

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