8 Best Apps for increasing iPhone Volume: Volume booster Apps

Some iPhone users feel that they are not satisfied with their own volume. I think it’s not a mistake of iPhone. Because Some peoples loved to hear music in high volume so that they feel uncomfortable on their device sound level. The same issue happens to my one of the friend and he discusses with me. Then I started searching for good apps to overcome this issue. Finally, I found some of the best app to increase iPhone volume booster apps.  Here I have listed some of them…
Boom: Music Player & Equalizer
Price: Free

  1. This app will improve the sound quality and also automatically adjusts the sound.
  2. There are 23 advance effects like acoustic, bass booster, classical, dance, hip-hop etc are available in this app.
  3. A boom is basically based on patent-pending 3D surround audio Engine.
  4. In this stream, Spotify and tidal makes the largest music libraries at your fingertips.
  5. In this, you can enjoy 40000+ local and international radio station and podcast station.

Denon audio
Price: Free

  1. Denon audio which is a premium audio player.
  2. Here you can create your own sounds and listen to it.
  3. Denon audio designed in a graphical equalizer. It will control your sound directly.
  4. There are 1000 possible discrete bands and 10 builds in EQ presented in it.
  5. A real-time spectrum analyzer is one of the amazing features in this app.
  6. In this Internet Radio facility also available.

Price: $2.99

  1. EQu is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  2. By using this app you can extend music navigation.
  3. The coolest feature like a complete MP3 player plays music while you open other apps.
  4. You can compress your own sound using Bypass Mode.
  5. Here you can create your own sounds and listen to it.
  6. By using 3 different modes you can feel the different sound effect for your own sound.

Equalizer Fx
Price: Free

  1. This app not only for iPhone and iPad also for Apple Watch too.
  2. There are 5 band equalizer and bass boost, virtualizer effect are present in this app.
  3. Here repeat and shuffle mode is available.
  4. You can control music even in the lock screen.

Mola Equalizer

Price: Free

  1. Mola equalizer is used to change the sound effect.
  2. In this 16-band equalizer (~20dB ~+20dB) . 
  3. Here auto adjustment option is available to prevent distortion sound.
  4. There are two modes of setting applicable( Graphic EQ mode, curve mode).
  5. Can change the stereo mode to left and right whatever you wish.
  6. Display lyric also possible to scroll lyrics automatically.

EQ Player Plus
Price: Free

  1. It is an easy and effective sound designed iOS app.
  2. In this app, an EQ Player plus 4.0 new version is released recently.
  3. It supports EZ mode Equalizer.
  4. Here 16 Band Equalization with Bandwidth(Q) control is available.
  5. While using this app you can save your battery life.
  6. Here 3D reverb effector, adjusting frequency effect is available.
  7. Shuffle/ Sequential/ Repeat features also support in this app.

Equalizer + pro
Price: $4.99

  1. Equalizer + pro is an effective app that will improve your player’s capability and qualified sound.
  2. You can use this app in iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  3. There are Bass, Vocal, Treble, Classical, Dance, Deep, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Rock features are available.
  4. Advance music search option is also available.

Mola player
Price: Free

  1. Mola Player is specially designed to carry out the task of speed control, equalizing and pitch control smoothly.
  2. You can use this app in both iPhone and iPad.
  3. It is possible up to ~20 dB gain the equalizer.
  4. It is not possible to play iCloud tunes or DRMSed audio file.
  5. Pitching level upto -6 to +6 semitones
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