Fix: AOL account error "cannot get mail, password is incorrect"

I have been troubled with my iPhone often when I access my mail. It displays “Cannot get mail, Password is incorrect” in my AOL account. I removed the app and then reinstalled but it again ask for the correct password and tried many to resolve but the issue continues.
Here are some solutions which are work full for you to resolve
Solution 1: Change the password
1. Modify the password on the AOL website
2. Then use your new password on your iPhone
Solution 2: Delete the account
1. Remove the account
2. Reinstall with the same email name and address with new password
Solution 3: Set up your AOL account
1. Set up your AOL account ( using AOL option)
2. Open AOL account > Outgoing Mail Server section then press SMTP entry
3. Turn Off your “Primary server” and then Press “Add server” and enter the following info(for each of your account, if you have multiple accounts).

  • Hostname: type in
  • Username: type in your username without “”
  • Password: type your password
  • Use SSL: on
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server port: 587 (or you can set manually)

4. Now the new server will be set On automatically
Note: Use your username and but you should leave “” out of SMTP (However, the Primary server will be grayed out then you can ignore and create a new one).
Solution 4: Disable “2 step verification security settings”
disable-2 step-verification- security- settings
If you enabled 2 step verification security settings, then it makes your iPhone or iPad fail
1. Open Hotmail on your computer and disable “2 step verification  security settings”
2. Remove the mail account on your iPhone
3. Create a new account and type your correct password.
Solution 5: Change Mail settings
1. Go to Mail > Accounts > AOL
2. Deselect the “notes” option

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