Fixed: Why is the volume on AirPods so low

Posted: June 06, 2024 | Updated: June 16, 2024

If you are using AirPods Pro, you may have this question "Why is the volume on AirPods so quiet or low even on full volume? Sometimes the volume is so low in one ear. Its happened all of a sudden. Cleaning the AirPods does not fix this issue.

Level Serious Based on Software

Currently Devices have this problem

Solution 1: Turn the Volume Down. Then Disconnect/Reconnect (Just 10 Second work)

  1. Turn the Volume down to zero when AirPods are connected and music playing.
  2. Keep your AirPods in your ears. Then open Settings and navigate to Bluetooth. Disconnect your AirPods (Note: do not unpair them or make your iPhone Forget).
  3. Now play music from the iPhone and turn the volume down to zero.
  4. Finally, reconnect your AirPods.
  5. Set the volume up to max.

Solution 2: Clean the front speaker with alcohol

  1. Cut the q tip in half. and
  2. Soak the  end of q tip in alcohol
  3. Suck the front speaker until you can feel the airflow.

Other Fixes:-

If you are using Airpod with Mac, try this method

On your Mac, install the free Volume Booster extension to Safari and Chrome> It will allow you to boost the volume. 

If you have this problem when you listening to the Apple Music,

Turn off the "Sound Check" Settings in Apple Music. It will increase the volume.

Do not try this if you are an expert

Pull the bottom of the mesh layer. Use the tweezers or sowing needle and pull the layers of ear wax off.