Fixed: iPhone Email Not Syncing after iOS 17 update

Posted: July 01, 2024 | Updated: July 22, 2024

After users update their iPhones to iOS 17, a lot of users get this issue. The email someone sends does not arrive on their iPhone Mailbox. Sometimes inbox goes blank. This problem mostly happened in Microsoft Exchange emails. Sometimes when users try to click the Reply button, to reply email, it goes back to the phone's main background and apps.

What cause this problem iOS 17

Level Normal Based on Software

Currently Devices have this problem

Solution 1: Turn off 'Undo Send Delay" option

  1. Go to Settings -> mail
  2. Enable the "Most Recent message on the Top" option.
  3. Then scroll down and choose the "Undo Send Delay" option in the Sending section.
  4. Set it "Off"
  5. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -. Tap your mail account. Make sure mail is enabled. 

Solution 2: Re-enter the Mail Password

  1. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts.
  2. Select the Email account that is not working.
  3. Mostly it will greyed out. Then go to its update/add password etc details. Add a password.

Solution 3: Delete the Exchange email account. Then re-add it.

Solution 4:

  1. Go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions
  2. Set "Accounts" to "Allow" in the "Allow Changes To" section. 

Solution 5: Offload the app and reinstall it again.

  1. Go to Settings->  General -> iPhone Storage.
  2. Search your app and go to its app details page.
  3. Choose the "Offload App" option.
  4. Then tap the "Reinstall App" option.

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