Fixed: iPhone Calendar Search Not Working 2024

Posted: June 18, 2024 | Updated: July 22, 2024

iPhone Calendar search not working after the iOS update. What matters people search for its only shows "No results".

Problem First Appeared on 23-9-23

What cause this problem iOS 17

Level Normal Based on Software

Currently Devices have this problem

Solution 1: Turn off/on the "Show Content in Search" option.

To do that,

  1. Go to Settings -> Siri & Search -> Calendar
  2. Turn off the "Show Content in Search" option in the "While Searching" section.
  3. Then turn it back on. 

It will reestablish the calendar search without deleting it. 

Solution 2: Resync Calendars from iCloud

  1. Go to Settings -> Calender -> Accounts.
  2. Select the account you have an issue with when searching. Here I am choosing iCloud -> iCloud.
  3. Select the "Show All" option under the "Apps using iCloud" section. Toggle off the "Calendars" option. It will show a popup window. Choose "Delete from My iPhone".
  4. Wait 1 minute. Then turn the "Calendars" option again on. This will resync your calendars from iCloud. Wait some time. Search will work.

Solution 3: Resync Calendars (Like Gamil)

  1. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts. (Select the Account)-> Calendar
  2. Turn off the Calendar. If it asks you to delete the account, accept it.
  3. Wait 1 minute and toggle back on. Calendar entries reappear again. The search will start working again. 

Solution 4: Uncheck/Recheck Calendars in Calendar App

  1. On your iPhone, open the Calendars app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, select Calendars. 
  3. Uncheck all calendars.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. Hard Restart your iPhone.
  6. Now open the Calendars app and recheck the ticks again. 

Note: Make sure the "All Events" option is turned on in Settings -> Calendar -> Sync. 

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