Fixed: HomePod Not Showing as available Airplay Speaker

Posted: July 01, 2024 | Updated: July 22, 2024

Suddenly HomePad has an issue with Airplay connectivity. HomePod is easily connected to the internet and home network and play music as well. But when users try to play music from an iPhone or MacBook Pro, it won't show up as an option in the list of available AirPlay devices .

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Solution 1: Reset the HomePod

Solution 2: If you have an issue between the HomePod and Apple TV, unplugging the HomePod will solve the issue. 

Solution 3: Reset HomePod & Remove from Homekit app.

  1. Reset the HomePod
  2. Remove from the HomeKit app.
  3. Then unplug it and hold your finger on the top, until Siri tells you to let go. 
  4. That's all.

Solution 4: Turn on "Everyone and Require Password" in HomePod Settings

  1. Go to HomePod Settings -> Allow Speaker Access
  2. Choose "Everyone and Require Password". 
  3. It makes the device an access point, rather than the modem.
  4. Now your HomePod will show up in Sound Preferences. 

Solution 5: Restart both the WiFi modem/router and HomePod. Then reconnect it. It will show up in the AirPlay list.

Solution 6: If you have 2 routers, switch your iPhone to another router. Then connect the previous router. Do this if your Macbook and iPhone cannot interact with the HomePod mini.

Solution 7: Turn off the "WiFi AI" option in your network equipment for the home network.

  1. If you are using Ubiquiti UniFi series devices, it will use the "WiFi AI" feature, that will automatically switch the best wireless channels. 
  2. turn off the "WiFi AI" feature and restart the Access Point.
  3. It will fix the issue.

Solution 8: Set the router to use only one frequency

Note: If you are using an ASUS RT-AC5300 router then turn off the “Smart Connect” option.

Solution 9: Unplug your HomePod Mini from the power source. Then plug it back again.  Wait 1 or 2 minutes. Then return to the AirPlay menu. You may find our HomePod device. 

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