[Solved] "All My Files" Disappeared on my Mac

How it would be when you have missed your “All My Files” view all of a sudden…? Well, I know how it feels to be… It seems to be a frustrating issue nowadays because many of Macbook Users had reported a problem that, after upgrading to High Sierra, “All My Files” in Finder Folder disappeared suddenly. Here, I gonna give you some tricks to get back your “All My Files” view. I am not pretty sure that the below tricks will complete your serious issue. Just give a try and it may help you.
Can’t you find “All My Files” in Finder sidebar…?
finder mac
Firstly, go to Finder Preferences -> Sidebar tab and make sure that you have checked “All My Files” box is checked in.
Wanna restore your missing files on Mac…?
If yes, then you can install and use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery on your Mac
mac data recovery
Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery lets you recover the deleted files, folders, emails, photos, audios, videos and other important data from your iMac.To use this tool, what you have to do is…

  1. Firstly, download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery and launch the program
  2. Select the file you wanna backup and then click Next button
  3. Select the location where you have lost your files and then click Scan
  4. Wait for few seconds until the scanning gets over
  5. Select the item you wanna recover and then click the Recover button

Wanna replace “All My Files”…?
If yes, then try to create and use Smart Folders in the Finder. To do this, follow the steps which are given below:

  1. On your Mac, go to File Menu in Finder and then click New Smart Foldersmart folder mac
  2. Use Add (+) button to specify the search criteria you wanna save as a Smart Folder and then click Save
  3. Create a name for the Smart Folder
  4. Specify the location where you wanna save the Smart Folder
  5. Either select or clear the Add to Sidebar checkbox to add/not add the Smart folder in the Sidebar and then click Save
  6. To use the Smart folder, click the Smart folder icon on the Sidebar or go to the Saved Searches folder and then double-click it.

Note: Smart folder will be located in the Saved Searches folder by default and the Saved Searches folder is located in the Library folder which is located in the Home folder
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Ask Siri for help
You can ask Siri to get back “All My Files” folder. Siri will not find the folder but it will help you to get your files which you have opened or downloaded recently.
Hope you have tried the above tricks. If you couldn’t restore “All My Files” then the only last thing left to you is… “Recents” which is the only way to restore “All My Files” folder in High Sierra.
If you find this article as useful, then kindly share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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