Airtel USB Modem not Working with OS X Yosemite, fix


Lot of MacBook Pro users reported this issue. After upgrading MacBook from Mavericks to OS X Yosemite, Airtel 3G dongle not working. I am using Huawei E173.

Why this problem occured?

According to Apple support guide, in order to run modem you need 32 bit operating system. But OS X Yosemite is 64 bit.

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Step 1:-

Go to Huawei website. Download and install new compitable driver for your device. Huawei E173 driver.rar.

huawei website

Step 2:-

Open the .rar (archive) file. It have 2 files. User guide.docx and Mobile

Step 3:-

Open the Mobile file. It have Mobile file. Double click the file to install the app.

Step 4:-

After installed, run the app and go to Tools -> Options.

Mobile Partner tools -> options

Step 5:-

In the Options windows left side, select “Profile Management”.

Mobile partner profile management

Step 6:-

Press the “New” button to create a new profile. Provide a profile name like “airtel 3g”. Also provide “Access Number” to *99#. Press “Save”, then “OK”.

mobile partner new profile

Step 7:-

Connect your Airtel Dongle to computer USB port. Run the “Mobile Parter” application. The the profile you already created like “airtel 3g”. Click the “Connect” button.

mobile partner connect

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