Fixed: AirPrint Not Working After iOS Upgrade

Many users had reported a problem that the AirPrint on their Apple device is not working properly after a software update. It seems to be frustrated sometimes right…? Yeah, I know because I too had experienced this same issue while using my iPhone 7. Then somehow I had fixed it with the help of the tricks suggested by my friend Jack. Here I gonna share you those tricks so that you can also if the same issue persists on your device.
Fix 1: Turn Off and then Turn On Wi-Fi Network
forget this network
Firstly, go to Settings >> tap Wi-Fi >> tap (i) icon next to the Wi-Fi >> tap Forget this Network >> Reboot your device >> Wait for few seconds >> Turn On your Wi-Fi Network again.
Fix 2: Reset Network Settings
iphone reset settings
After resetting Network Settings, reconnect your Wi-Fi network and then try using AirPrint again. To reset network settings- Launch Settings >> tap General >> tap Reset >> tap Reset Network Settings
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Fix 3: Turn Off and then Turn On Router, Printer, and iOS device
To do this fix what you have to do is… Turn Off both your Printer and the Router >> Turn Off your iOS device by tapping reset option >> Again, turn on both your router and the printer >> Wait for few seconds >> Now, turn on your iOS device and try to print again.
Other Solutions:

  • Make sure that you have an AirPrint supported printer.
  • Upgrade or downgrade iOS

Hope you will find this article as useful. If you know any other solution to fix this AirPrint issue then kindly share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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