How to Fix AirPort Express Unexpected Error Occured

When users try to setup Airport Express, Airport Utility recognised it. But when they go to setup it provides  “An unexpected error occurred try again” error message.
Solution 1: 
This issue might happened if IPv6 has beed disabled. So enable IPv6 for network interface.

  1. Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences and select Network.
  2. Lower left corner if lock icon appears, click it and enter admin name and password.
  3. Select your network service in the list (WiFi or Ethernet) and press Advanced.
  4. Select TCP/IP tab.
  5. From the configure IPv6 popup menu, select Link-local only.
  6. Click OK and select Apply.

Device (Airport Express, AirPort Time Capsule, Airport Extreme) should now reappear in AirPort Utility.
Note : This guide for OS X Lion or  Mountain Lion.
Solution 2: Reset AirPort Express
Reset AirPort Express. If the Unexpected message reappears, reset the AirPort Express again.
Solution 3: Try the setup on iPad

Try the setup on iPad.  Go to Settings -> WiFi. Under “Setup a new AirPort Base Station”, tap AirPort Express. Follow the prompts.
Solution 4:
Users getting same error when they try to connect it to existing Airport Extreme wireless network.
Software: AirPort Utility 6.3.2 and OS X 10.9.5
Temporarily connect the AirPort ExPress to iMac with an Ethernet cable.
Other fixes :-

  • Disconnect the ethernet cable from iMac with the AirPort Express connected to wireless hub with a cable.
  • You might set the WiFi name to hidden. Changing the WiFi network unhidden will fix your problem. When you edit your Main device with in AirPort Utility, go to Wireless tab -> Wireless Options settings. Find the settings marked “Create hidden network” uncheck the setup process.
  • Check the firewall settings. Navigate to System preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall and uncheck “Block all incoming connections”.
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Glad it works, but how do I use my iPad to set up the router that gives me my wireless signal? The problem is that I can't get it set up to give me a wireless signal. What am I missing here?

Thanks! After repeated errors with my Apple computer failed, I had to install the AirPort Express using my iPad, but I wouldn't have thought of that without this good advice.

Also got the message “An unexpected error occurred try again”. In my case the firmware of the Airport Express 1gen 802.11n was to old to be recognized under El Capitan / Sierra / iOS 9.3.5 / iOS 10. Configured and updated the firmware of the AE from 7.3 to 7.6.8 with Snow Leopard (USB Boot). The AE is now working on all my devices!

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