Airpods Not Connecting to Mac? Here’s the Fix

When I was trying to connect the AirPods to my mac, it doesn’t connect. I don’t know what to do? But now it connected. Yes, I fixed it. Here I am going to tell you the solutions to fix this problem.

Solution 1: System Preferences-> Bluetooth

  1. On your Mac, Go to and click Apple menu in the top left corner.
  2. Click “System Preferences”.sys-image
  3. Click “Bluetooth”.  Then wait for few seconds. Because it will be searching your device(Airpods)name from the list. And your device name will appear on Bluetooth
  4. Then it will be not connected.
  5. If it not connected.
  6. In the list, don’t remove it.
  7. In the top menu bar, click “Volume” icon.sound-image
  8. Under output device, choose your Airpods name. Before that, your Airpods must nearby on your Mac. Then after the few seconds, you can hear the sound.

Solution 2: Restart your Mac

  1. Restart your Mac on multiple times. Then clear iCloud and Bluetooth caches.
  2. If you log out your iCloud on the Mac, confirm that iCloud account is the same as your iPhone’s account. That will be removed your iCloud drive files on your Mac. You should need to refresh all files to were removed.
  3. Then try to connect your Airpods to Mac.

Solution 3: Bluetooth Pairing Mode

  1. On the Airpod case, open the lid. Press the pair or setup button until white light flashes.wh-image
  2. It helps Airpods to appear on the Bluetooth device list.

The Distance between your Mac and Airpods:
Your Airpods must be kept on less than 3 or 4 meters from your mac. If your Airpods distance is greater the 4 meter, it won’t connect.
Check your Airpods charging percentage:
If you are using Airpods on a long time, charge percentage will be reduced. So you should properly charge it before using.
Update your Mac:
Update the current software on your Mac.
If you have any ideas to fix this problem, inform us through your comments.

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