Fix: Airdrop Not Working on High Sierra

I upgrade my Mac to MacOS High Sierra. I have some problem with this update that is Airdrop stopped working. So, I can’t transfer any data from one device to another one. Somehow, I fixed this issue. Here, I will tell you some solution to resolve this problem.
Method 1: Remove the File

  1. You just turn off your “Bluetooth”.
  2. Remove this file on given below : /Library/Preferences/
  3. Then turn on your “Bluetooth”.

Method 2: Remove the Ethernet Cable if you plug

  1. If you are using Ethernet Cable for your Mac, just unplug the cable.

Method 3: Set Everyone in Airdrop

  1. It has three levels which are Off, Everyone and Contacts Only. Contacts is complicated than other two. You have to change in to “Everyone”.
  2. Click “Airdrop” and then click “Everyone”.

Method 4:  Search Airdrop

  1. Go to “Finder” on your device.
  2. Search and find the “Airdrop”.

Method 5: Restart your Mac

  1. Launch “Apple Menu”.
  2. Then Choose “Restart”. After doing that, turn on your Mac.

Method 6: Turn off “Block all Incoming Communications”

  1. If you want to use Airdrop Mac to Mac, you have to turn off the Block all Incoming Communications in the firewall.
  2. For that, Launch “Apple” menu -> click “System Preferences -> click “Security & Privacy”.
  3. Then select “Firewall” -> unselect the “Block all Incoming Communications” -> click “Ok’.

Method 7:  Turn on “Wi-Fi”

  1. On the side menu bar, click “Wi-Fi” and choose “Wi-Fi”.

Airdrop Supported Models

  1. Late-2008 MacBook, except late-2008 white MacBook.
  2. Late-2008 MacBook Pro, except late-2008 17 inch MacBook Pro.
  3. Late-2010 MacBook Air.
  4. Early-2009 iMac.
  5. Early-2015 MacBook with 12-inch Retina Display.
  6. Early-2009 Mac Pro with AirPort Extreme Card.
  7. Mid-2010 Mac Mini.
  8. Mid-2010 Mac Pro.
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