Adjust / Change Apple Watch Screen brightness

If you thing your Apple Watch screen to be too dim or too bright, you can change the brightness using brightness settings.
You can directly change the Apple Watch AMOLED screen brightness from Apple Watch or companion app on the paired iPhone.
How to adjust Apple Watch brightness (direct method)

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Brightness & Text size.
  2. Tap the lower or higher brightness button. Apple Watch brightness text size
  3. You can also change the brightness level field using Digital crown button.

How to change Apple Watch brightness using connected iPhone

  1. Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to My Watch -> Brightness & Text Size.
  3. Adjust the screen brightness using brightness slider.

Apple Watch brightness settings
Note : By default, your Apple Watch comes with middle level brightness. There is only 3 levels of brightness available.

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