How to Adjust Volume on Apple TV

This is a Apple TV beginner guide to control TV volume.  Actually Apple TV 3, ATV2 and ATV 1 didn’t have any volume control.

So how to control the Apple TV volume?

Apple TV remote

The volume controlled by your Television or receiver, not Apple TV. There is no volume control on Apple TV. Use your TV / Speaker remote to control volume.

If you are streaming content from iPhone or iPad, use iOS remote app or to control the ATV volume.

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Simple Solution

Use high-end Logitech Harmony Touch model universal remote. It has a settings for Apple TV.

Report This volume control problem to Apple

Using 2 remotes to control TV volume is a annoying thing. Adding volume control feature in Apple TV is really useful to adjust movies, music, Netflix rentals, or YouTube videos volume.

If you want to get volume control feature in Apple TV, give your Feed back to Apple about Apple TV.

If you knew any other methods or remotes to control Apple TV volume, do let us via comment.

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2 responses to How to Adjust Volume on Apple TV

Hi, i have the same frustration about sound level control. I have an optical link to a amplifier (Amplifi 150) but no way to control volume. Strange alternate, if I link the Apple TV(3) by airport to a Apple Airport Express (first gen) and I use the optical output of the Airport instead, THEN I can use the sound control from the Apple Wireless Keyboard linked to the Apple TV (and also FF Play Pause…) Using optical output from Apple TV, all the keys are active EXCEPT sound control.
I don't have explanation.
Yours, André.
Ps: advantage of the Apple Wireless vs Apple TV remote control: it is bluetooth, not Infra Red. How to find a Bluetooth remote control compatible with Apple TV?

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