How to Activate iPhone without SIM Card (Quick way)

Activation of an iPhone requires a valid sim card and it gives access to the home screen by telling your iPhone that you are using one of the iPhone’s official carriers.
Activation is done through iTunes in order to use it with a official iPhone carrier. If the activation is not performed correctly, iTunes shows error message.
Though sim card is mandatory for activating the iPhone, you can also activate a non activated iPhone without having a sim card. Following are the steps to do it.
how to activate iphone 6 plus
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Activate iPhone without sim card:
When iPhone is turned on for the first time, sim card is required to be placed in the slot. Without sim card iPhone will remain stuck in a single screen. But you can skip to home screen using a silly trick. This may not work for all iPhone’s especially latest models.

  1. Turn on the iPhone by holding the power button. Once the phone gets started it will stuck in a specific screen
  2. Tab on the home button. It will not navigate to home screen as phone was not activated. However there will be an option to make emergency call
  3. Dial some number, make call and immediately hang up. If you use the power button with appropriate tricks home screen will show up instead of stuck up screen

Using R-Sim or X-Sim to activate iPhone without using original sim
Following are the steps to activate iPhone using R-Sim or X-Sim:

  1. Insert your R-Sim card into the phone
  2. Select the carrier from list and enter your IMSI code
  3. Confirm and restart your phone
  4. IPhone will start searching for the service and activation gets completed.

After this IPhone can be used normally.
Using iTunes to activate iPhone without sim card
iTunes provides ability to activate the iPhone without sim card by using a software interface. This method works only for few carriers.

  1. Download latest version of iTunes from Apple’s official website
  2. Connect your iPhone to PC using the authorized cable
  3. After phone is detected in PC, the software will provide step by step instructions to get iPhone activated without using sim card
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