Wind Mobile : Activate iMessage and FaceTime for iPhone

Wind mobile network officially not support FaceTime and iMessage services for iOS with phone number. But you can activate iMessage and FaceTime  in Wind mobile for iPhone using my guide.

First enable logging on iPhone

  1. Dial *5005*274# and press Dismiss button.
  2. Turn off/on iPhone.
  3. Now logging should enabled.

Turn off/on iMessage
Turn iMessage app off and on. It will show Waiting for activation error.
Wait some time (2 minutes). This allow iMessage app to send activation message to Apple. You will get reply SMS from apple.
Save the log on iPhone

  1. Dial *5005*78283# and press the reply (black) button.
  2. Type a description like iMessage and click Reply in the top right corner.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes and Sync
See for ‘Copying diagnostic information’ in iTunes status window. If you can’t see it, press Sync button.
Copying diagnostic information
Find the log file 
Mac : ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/[Your iPhone or gadget Name]/Baseband
Windows : C:Users[Yourusername]AppDataRoamingApple
Log file name is look like log-bb-2015-05-29-09-02-14-csi.txt
Find the following string in the log file.
Search and find the “GSM SMS Point to Point PDU (as hex str)”
Wind mobile string file
Copy the string and paste it into the box (iMessage activation site). Click Submit and wait 1 minute.
Now check that iMessage is working and Waiting for activation message is gone via Settings -> Messages.
Now activate FaceTime.  Go to Settings -> FaceTime and turn off and on.

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2 responses to Wind Mobile : Activate iMessage and FaceTime for iPhone

Did not work for me.
Never get the log-bb-2015-05-29-09-02-14-csi.txt document
Only log-bb-2015-05-29-09-02-14-stats.crash file
followed the step 3 times and nothing

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