8 Best Portrait Mode Apps for iPhone and iPad

Portrait mode is the best feature to taking a photo. This mode only available on iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. but If you don’t have this model, don’t worry. I will tell you some best portrait apps for your iPhone and iPad. You can add a blur effect to your photos. Let’s see….
1.Magic Portrait Mode
Magic Portrait Mode is embellishing your shots with a different effect. Then it allows you to add blur effects to your photos. If you want to edit your images beautifully, there is an editing option is available. It will help you to edit your face elegantly.
When you take a photo, it will automatically detect your face and adorn your images. Besides, you can zoom in up to 50x. Then you can draw and erase with a brush.magic-portrait-mode

Price: $1.99
This FabFocus app is best portrait mode app. By single tapping, you get best portrait photos. It will automatically recognize your face and it gives bokeh effects to your photos.
It will automatically detect the people and distinguishes as the background with blur effect. You can easily adjust the blur and change any point into aperture shapes like stars and hearts. It has some editing tool to edit your picture.fabfocus-img
Price: $4.46
3.Depth Effect
Depth Effect is the best app for taking photos in portrait mode. It makes your shots perfect using bokeh effect. You can edit your image easily using some editing options. Depth effect will give you to control of zoom and blur levels. Then you can your images on Instagram easily.depth-effect
Price: Free
4.Blur Photo
Blur photo helps you to blur backgrounds, faces, and subject.  You can add some depth of field effect to your photo. There are many features available in this app. This user-interface so everyone can use it easily. Just single finger touch you can blur your photos. You can use some editing tools like undo, redo, brush size to correctly blur your photos.blur-photo
Price: Free
5.Portrait Blur
Portrait blur takes your photos best and it distinguishes you from the background. That seems to be good. The depth of field effect that makes your shots good. This mode automatically detects you and giving professional look. You can control of blur level in every photo. Use editing options, you can edit your photos easily.  You can save this on high res version and open it on Instagram.portrait-blur
Price: Free
6.Defocus (Currently Not Available)
Defocus is the best app for taking photos in portrait mode. You can add soft focus effect to your photo by using the dynamic paint. If you want to create a light focus blur like in 35mm film or full-on dream photo, this app will help you. This app allows any size of the photo. Using paint tool, blur your photo easily. And users can send it directly on Tumblr.  defocus-img
Free: $4.46
7.Facetune 2
Facetune is one of the famous apps. It will do whiten your teeth, widen your eyes and smile. Then it can edit your eye color and add some reflection to sparkling eyes. It will remove pimples, wrinkles or blemishes on your face and minimize pores and helps to get rid of blackheads. You can add lighting, remove shadows or glare caused. It blurs backgrounds and it has many filters.facetune2-img
Price: Free
8.Bokeh Lens
Bokeh lens will help you to taking a photo like DSLR quality. It offers many tool for edit your photos. You can adjust the blur level of your image depending on your need. You can also adjust the bokeh level. And it’s very easy to use.bokeh-img
Price: $1.18

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