8 Best EQ Apps for iPhone/iPad

iPhone’s built-in EQ is an amazing feature for iPhone users, especially for audio lovers. Already Apple has built-in…

iPhone’s built-in EQ is an amazing feature for iPhone users, especially for audio lovers. Already Apple has built-in equalizer settings on your iPhone. People are looking for more customization audio sounds or adjust the bass, boost sounds in headphones. There are many EQ apps are available on the App store. It has two types- free apps and premium apps for iOS.  So in this article, I gonna share with you some of the best EQ apps for the iPhone.  So let’s get started.

Boom (Free App)

The Boom App is the best way to redefine your music with Bass Booster and consists of 29 Handcrafted presents such as Pop, Dubstep, etc. Access phone music and music stored on Dropbox & Google Drive tool. It conveys amazing 3D surround sound when you play songs in headphones. The basic version is freely available to download, but if you want some add-in features then Purchase it.

Equalizer Bass Booster (Free App)Boom app

This is the best music equalizer for your iPhone and iPad. The equalizer will extend the capabilities of the music player and improve the sound quality. It will access cloud Music & Play Offline. It divides your playlist into three categories: Best hits, Hot music, and My favorite. Its support 9 audio formats mp3, wav, aifc, ac3, aiff, m4a, caf, aac, flac, etc.

Equalier App for iphone

Flacbox: Flac player Equilizer (Free App)

Flacbox is a powerful music player and downloader with an audio equalizer and bass booster. It helps to listen to music directly from the cloud storage, external flash card, or download songs and play the songs offline.

These apps have a special application of professional audio equalizer, you can apply the application on settings. And One more feature is, for example, if audio is not loud enough while listening to music you can change the preamplifier gain.flacbox :flac palyer equilizer for iPhone

Equalizer FX (Free App)

Equalizer FX allows you to improve the sound quality of music. We added a ten-band customizable equalizer that has 16 presets like Personal, Acoustic, Classical, Rock, etc. and with the possibility to create and save your custom settings. These are among other top-notch features which you modify using Equalizer Fx App. This app is free to install.
Equaliar fx App

MolaEqualizer (Free App)

Equalizer+ app is used to change the sound effects, but the MolaEqualizer app offers more additional features. It also an option of displaying the lyrics while playing the song. you can scroll the lyrics too. This is a free app but, you can also purchase the pro-version to remove some restrictions.


Denon Audio (Free App)

Denon Audio is not particularly an EQ app. Denon Audio is actually a protector of the Music Maniac(TM) headphones. Its stunning features make it a terrific option to help you control your music on iPhone/iPad like a pro. This is a free app but, you want extra features in-app then Purchase it.
Denon App

MolaPlayer (Free App)

MolaPlayer is a good iPhone equalizer app when it comes to EQ. It accesses a simple and user-friendly interface. The auto gain adjustment keeps cracking sound away. This app is free to install.

MolaPlayer App

Evermusic Pro ($14.99)

Evermusic is a full-featured audio player for your music collection. It’s a top-notch MP3 music player that ensures your music time never hits a blockade even when you are offline. The best thing about Evermusic Pro is to be able to use a nice audiobook player because there are three useful features: playback speed control, saving of media position, and also a great feature is sleep timer.
evermusic pro App
All the apps listed above are the best EQ Apps for the in-built equalizer of the iPhone. If you know any other best EQ apps, tell me in the comment section below. And keep supporting iPhonetopics.com

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