6 Best To-Do List Apps For iPhone, iPad, Mac

6 Best To-Do list apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac

All people have one common issue: Forgetting. Isn’t it true, right? Some people overlook the most important meetings, gatherings, and so on. Sometimes, it may turn into a tragedy. So scheduling our work and setting a reminder is a good idea during this time. Because we live in a fast-paced world. So, for you guys, I've included popular To-Do list apps for the iPhone in this article. Let’s see.

6 Best To-Do list apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac

1. Todoist (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android, Web)

Todoist is one of the most popular apps amongst millions of people. Why? Which includes great features like enhancing productivity, organizing tasks, and setting schedules as well as deadlines. Todoist offers superior sharing and collaboration features and project management functions compared to rivals. Adding a new task was very easy. 


  • You can create new tasks in your Inbox and then allocate them to appropriate projects.
  • you can also set due dates.
  • Paid users can make their filters and labels, and there are some basic collaboration tools.

App Compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with 13.0 or later version.

Todoist Price: Free and for Premium $3.99 per month.

Todoist App

2. Tick Tick (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android, Web)

Tick Tick is a simple and powerful task management tool for students. Almost both Todoist and Tick Tick apps have the same features except for one thing. That is Tick Tick App only allows simple folders.  


  •  The app has a built-in Pomodoro timer for starting a 25-minute work session on any of your tasks.
  • And it integrates with a variety of third-party calendars, allowing you to see all of your tasks and appointments in one place and even do some time blocking.

App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 10.0 or later version.

Tick Tick Price: Free and for Premium less than $2.99 per month.

Tick Tick App

3. Microsoft To-Do (Available on iPhone, iPad macOS, Windows, Android, Web)

Many users praise Microsoft To-Do as a fantastic app.  Microsoft To-Do is divided into three sections: list, task, and subtask. Each list has its task and subtask that will help you in keeping track of your tasks and completing the project. In my opinion, this is the most visually attractive to-do list app on the market. 


  • You can set custom background images for each of your lists, allowing you to tell which list you're looking at at a glance.
  • Task prioritization.
  • Scheduling.
  • Document storage.
  • And file sharing.

App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 13.0 or later version.

Microsoft To-Do Price: Free.

Microsoft To Do App

4. Things 3 (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS)

Things 3 is also one of the task management tools. Moreover, Things 3 is that in 2017, Apple created an award-winning app for organizing your life that is both simple and robust. It has three main features: Collect, Organize and Schedule and some additional features. Things 3 has a better UI & due to the one-time payment option, it’s cheaper than Todoist in the long run.


  • you can integrate your task with the calendar so you can see your appointments while planning your day.
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts.
  • Reminders with native notifications.

App compatibility requires iPhone, iPod touch with 12.1 or later version.

Things 3 Price: $6.99

Things 3 App

5. OmniFocus 3 (Available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS)

OmniFocus 3 also functions like a task manager. In my opinion, OmniFocus is better than Thing 3 if you have a large number of projects or if you want to capture your projects very accurately and with a high level of detail.


  • OmniFocus has a feature that you can organize your tasks pretty much however you want.
  • If your plan changed, you can easily re-schedule it.


App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 13.0 or later version.

OmniFocus 3 Price: 2-weeks free trial and subscription $9.99 per month.

OmniFocus 3 App

6. Google Tasks (Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, Web)

Google Tasks is also a task management tool. But it was unique from other apps. Why I am saying this means, you can create a new task and edit it from any device because it’s just accessible across Google Workspace. Apps have a simple structure and are very easy to use. 


  • you can convert an email into a task by dragging it to Google Tasks.
  • You can also view your tasks on your Google Calendar if you prefer.
  • we can plan our day with forecast.

App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 12.0 or later version.

Google Tasks Price: Free

Google Tasks App

I hope this article helped locate the best To-Do-list app. If you use any of the apps listed above, share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for continuing to support iPhonetopics.com.

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