Five Best Smart Speakers for iPhone users

The world is attaining its peak in digitalization. People are very smart and they tend to love smart accessories in their home and office. Who will say no when their work gets done by just hearing their voice? Smart speakers do everything by your voice control reminding you of your dinner time to the meeting schedule. But we always prefer the best in everything. so I have explored the speakers and found some of the best five speakers in it for you to explore it too.

1. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation

Best speaker Amazon echo dot gen 2

Size: 3.9*3.9*1.7 inches

Audio: Built-in speaker for voice & Stereo for audio output

Bluetooth Connectivity: Audio Streaming from your Mobile device to the Echo dot or from the Echo dot to Bluetooth.

                         How to Set up?

how to set up Echo dot gene 2


Everything about Amazon 3rd dot generation:

It is best among the five because it is very small and came with a stylish fabric design. Supports stereo through that, you can record and playback the audio anytime you prefer. Helps you anytime by playing music, answering questions, reading the news, checking the weather, etc., You can control compatible smart home devices. Alexa is designed with thousands of skills to astonish you anytime by playing games and tracking fitness. Build with privacy, you have control over the audio, by deleting your audio history, and the microphone off button is included. Sounds great right!

  • Voice control your home by performing all the simple and routine tasks starting from Switching the fan to locking the door.
  1. Hand-free calls to any state or abroad

   Just say, Alexa call Hary?

  • Use Alexa to connect your family because it acts as an intercom to the people in the house.

  For Eg: You can say the Dinner is ready and remind kids about their bedtime.

2. Next comes the Sonos one 2nd generation:

Best speaker is Sonos 1


Size: 4.72*4.72*6.34 inches

Audio:  Stereo sound with two Sonos one together.

Bluetooth Connectivity: You can connect through Bluetooth and also through the Sonos one app.

Everything about Sonos one (Gen-2)

It is a powerful smart speaker with inbuilt voice control. Sonos one is wireless and cost-effective, the specialty of the speaker is, the sound effect in it, you can keep it on the slab or in the bookshelf, you can even put it in the bathroom because it is humidity resistant.

Works on Alexa and it is completely hands-free so you can play music, set alarms, and can do your tasks by saying a word to it.

All your Services in a single App:

  • Streaming voice
  • Control Services
  • Browse music, Radio Podcasts
  • Audiobooks

3. The third one is Google Nest Mini

Best speakers Google nest mini

Size: 3.85*1.65 inches

Audio: 3 Far-field Microphone array, Stereo Pairing, Multi-room grouping

Everything about Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini acts as your assistant, is well known for its Bigger richer sound and the main quality is, it is made up of 100% recycled Water bottles. The very small and compact look of the mini will make it get fitted anywhere on the home.

Improved voice Recognition: It recognizes your voice better though you are in a living room or veranda. It is specially designed for your home.

Stream your music, news and also play music and entertainment from your favorite apps with your voice.

Just say OK Google tell the latest news and play my dinner playlist.

4. The fourth one is Google Nest Audio

Best speakers for iPhone

Size: 6.89″ x 4.89″ x 3.07 inches

Audio: Works with Alexa and voice assistant

Bluetooth connectivity: Yes

Everything about Nest Audio:

Nest Audio adapts to your Environment and whatever you are listening to. Music also sounds very much better in the Nest Audio. You can play News, radio, Audiobooks and also gives the sound much more clearer. It comes in attractive colors and fits perfectly in your home.

Just say Hey Google,

  • Turn on the lights
  • Play my music Playlist
  • When is my meeting with Clara?

It is built-in with privacy. It's not just a word you can delete your history, you can say, Hey Google “Delete what I said” and just slide the mic to turn off the microphones. Just pair your two Google Nest Audio for Stereo sound.

If you are searching for a small and compact speaker which is built with voice control and affordable to the cost which you give. Then obviously this is the one.

5. The last one is Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker for iPhone

Size: 4.31*6.68*8.01

Audio: Works with Alexa and voice assistants

Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect via Bluetooth and use your google assistant to control your smart speaker.

Everything about Home Speaker 500

The Bose Home Speaker 500 is a larger speaker with stereo sound. It has built-in voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant with voice pick up from a noise rejecting eight microphone array. This is compatible with Apple’s Airplay and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. You can wirelessly stream whatever you want, however, you want.

It is an integrated Wi-Fi service to play anything from your phone or tablet.

You can experience superior voice pickup from a custom-designed eight microphone array that hears your over loud music. It also works with other Bose smart speakers and soundbars for a multi-room listening experience.

So, guys, this is the gist of everything and you too can search and get the extract of which is the best speaker according to your preferability. Stay home & Stay safe:)

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