9 Best Presentation Apps for iPad

10 Best Presentation Apps for iPad

Nowadays Apple iPad is one of the most preferred devices for Businessmen. Do you know why? It offers special new ways to make business presentations, slideshows, and analyses anywhere on the go.  In this today's world, presentation app is more important for all business people, students and etc. So here, we can go through the 10 best presentation apps for iPad.

1) SlideShark (Free Download)


It is the best tool for businessmen to make a PowerPoint presentation on their iPad. Just connect your iPad to a projector or broadcast the show through the internet. In presenter mode, you can check slide notes and other major details from the iPad even when the presentation is going on on the big screen. You are able to use iPhone as a remote as well and can annotate slides during the presentation.

2) Keynote (Free)



KeynoteThe Keynote app is another good option to prepare the presentation on the iPad. Its dedicated tools, let you create slideshows and presentations from the iPad. You can show presentations on the big screen with a video mirroring option. Keynote's latest version can also be used as a remote control for the show.

3) Fuze Meeting HD (Free)

Fuze meeting HD app for iPad

Fuze is an awesome choice to show your presentation to a large audience and even as remote. It is helpful to set up meetings with up to 25 participants, 12 HD video feeds, unlimited VOIP, and 1 GB of cloud storage, with which you can share files with up to 125 recipients. Fuze lets you manage meetings remotely broadcast shows and other documents from the iPad.

4) Polaris Office (Free)

Polaris Office 

Polaris is a fantastic office app with outstanding presentation tools and cloud support. It is easy to use and perfect for any business meeting. Connect it to a TV or big screen, and use pointers, and other free-hand tools for moving from one slide to another during the presentation. And it also offers In-app purchases.

5) Microsoft PowerPoint (Free)

Microsoft PowerPoint

It is useful for presenting locally stored PDF documents as well as making web-based shows. Just like the above-mentioned apps, it too can be connected to a projector for making big-screen presentations. It lets you write notes, and highlight parts of the documents during the show as well. If you want to access more features, you can purchase them via In-app purchase.

6) Showpad (Free)


ShowpadShowpad is another best app for businessmen and sales professionals. It let them make online or offline presentations of world-class quality by uploading and managing sales materials to the Showpad account.

7) Haiku Deck (Free)

Haiku DeckThis app is useful for designing and creating visually rich presentations with your own images, free images from various sources, etc. And more functionality is available for In-app purchases. You can easily add charts to the presentation and can share the presentation through a projector or web browser.

8) Prezi (Free)Prezi


This app helps to add value to ordinary slideshows. You can place texts, charts, graphics, quotes, and more on a single canvas, and show them with animated effects and styles. The basic plan is free, or you can opt for the premium option which starts from $ 4.92.

9) Note Taker HD ($4.99)


Note Taker HD It is mainly used for writing and organizing handwritten files. You can add images, and PDF files to the presentations and present them on big screens via HDMI, VGA, or AirPlay connections.


These are the best presentation apps for iPad. In this article, you can select the best one to make a presentation with a rich look and high quality. And if you liked this article, kindly share it with your friends. Thank you for your continued support of iPhonetopics.com.

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4 thoughts on “9 Best Presentation Apps for iPad”

  1. Manoj thanks for sharing the list. May I also mention Vimodi.com, a novel iPad presentation app that focuses on helping users DISCUSS their presentations through our simple nonlinear viewer (full disclosure, I am founder of Vimodi).
    In Vimodi, users can assemble presentation pdfs, images and videos from multiple sources to create a simple or complex nonlinear structures.
    Vimodi is free in the AppStore…

    1. Hi Afzal,
      Thank you for spending your valuable time with our blog. I checked Vimodi, it's an outstandng choice for iPad users and you are getting lots of positive reviews as well. I shall include the same in my next edition of article.
      Wish you all the best and keep in touch with our contents.

  2. Hi Manoj,
    Please consider adding iPad presentation app "Ruri" to your list.
    Ruri is another presentation app on iPad for anyone who want to make beautiful presentations quickly.
    To make a beautiful presentation, Ruri puts words and images in suitable places automatically and provides background movies.
    Watch Ruri on move: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfCxyFvJ6E
    Please check this out. We're planning to provide Ruri for free until 21st March 2015.
    Ruri on App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ruri-create-presentations/id959336813?mt=8
    Our website: http://www.martianstalk.com

  3. Thank you Manoj,
    very interesting list, I would add JustPerfect from morepaths.com, It is the one I use when I work only on my iPad travelling to meet clients.
    So, far, I found it to be the best solution in terms of privacy and functionalities.

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