How to uninstall MacKeeper from Mac

What is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a 3rd party application for Mac. But it provides annoying tabs and popup ads. Most people said “This is a malware”. Sometimes this software automatically installed via Cnet downloader.

Lot of Mac users reported in ASC about “How to get rid of MacKeeper?”. Lot of users thing it’s not easy to uninstall MacKeeper app from Mac. Because they can’t find quit command in MacKeeper menu bar.

How to remove MacKeeper?

If you want to remove MacKeeper from your computer, follow my steps.

1. First launch MacKeeper app from Applications folder. Then quit it using MacKeeper application menu (You don’t need to activate or sign in it’s services).

2. After it done, drag the Mackeeper to trash.  It will popup a prompt for Mac administrator’s passcode. Enter the password to move the app to trash.

3. Then it will popup “Uninstall MacKeeper” window. Press Uninstall MacKeeper button. This will remove main MacKeeper files from your mac hard drive.

Uninstall Mackeeper

4.  Next you need to remove MacKeeper helper folder. Go to Userfolder/Library/Application Support. In Finder, hold down Option key and select Go -> Library to access library folder. Delete the Mackeeper helper folder. Ex: com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper

5. Empty the trash and restart your MacBook pro.

Also go to Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions and remove unwanted extensions.

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