Exchange Account: "Unable to verify account information", fix

When Apple users try to add their email address to any iOS device like iPhone or iPad they getting error message like “Unable to verify account information”. But Exchange sync worked on previous iOS.

This problem mostly happened in two iOS versions like iOS 5 and iOS 8.1.

exchange account : unable to verify account information

Solution 1:-

This error might Microsoft related with your mobile number. In your web browser, sign in your account and go to Settings. Then disable any number you have listed. Also disable 2 step security.

Solution 2:-

Turn off SSL.

Go to Settings  > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Exchange account > Account. Then turn off “Use SSL”.

Solution 3:-

Rest network settings.

Settings ->General ->reset -> Reset Network Settings.

Solution 4:-

Sign in to Outlook Web App. Go to Options -> Phone -> Mobile Phones and delete your registered device.

Other solutions:-

  • Delete the exchange account. Reset the wireless network. The re-add the account.
  • Turn off WiFi. Try to add your exchange account using cellular connection.

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If you still have this issue, do let us via comment.

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It sure would be easier if Apple just did their job correctly. Maybe they can use some of their billions in profit from last quarter to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

I faced this problem today. Here is what I did:
1) reset the user's password
2) In active directory (ADUC), go to the user's Security settings and click on Advanced . un-check "include inheritable permissions from this object's parent"
3) select Add not Remove. Apply the setting and try adding the account again.

Good luck!

If "Bob" had a clue he'd know that the technology used to connect Apple devices to Windows based servers is called ActiveSync – a Microsoft product. Maybe Microsoft needs to get someone who knows what THEY'RE doing…

I had this issue and it was driving me crazy. What finally fixed it for me was turning off the two-step verification under security settings in Outlook.

Heres what I did:

Clicked on the settings button on the desktop site, and clicked on "office 365" under my app settings. This brought me to a page saying my password was out of date. As soon as I updated my password everything was good to go.

this helped me ! I deleted the Hotmail account then added it back in whola all my emails are back thank you thank you at least it was an easy fix. I had lost my emails after the most recent software upgrade

I have the same problem! I tried almost every possible way, but no solution!

I'm running macOS Sierra V10.12.1

This is very frustrating.

Any help????

Finally. Thanks a lot. That did it for me.
though I don't understand how this problem was suddenly triggered!

I am trying to connect my office email using exchange server, but it is repeatedly saying "Unable to get account information". It was working fine earlier. I tried all the options as mentioned above, however it is helpless. Please can you help me on this.

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