How to Turn off the Home screen preview of SMS/Text Messages

If you don’t want to view the little preview of SMS/text messages that turn up on your iPhone Home screen when new text messages arrives, follow my guide.

How to Turn off or Disable SMS & iMessage previews in banners, alerts and Notification center (iOS 8 & iOS 7)

To disable this feature, go to your iPhone settings and Navigate to:

Settings -> Notifications -> Messages. Scroll down and find “Show Previews”. Turn it off. (Use grey switch not the green one).

Turning off the “Show Previews” option will disable your iPhone text message preview feature.

If the “show previews” option is on, its display a alert window or banner with sender’s ID and few lines of message.

If the “show previews” option is turned off, its display a alert banner with sender ID (name or number).

If you want to completely off the banner or alert window on the iPhone Home screen when the phone is locked or unlocked, set “Alert style” to none.

If you want to turn off text message notification sound, set Text tone to none.

Note : If you can’t find these settings, go to Settings -> Notification -> Messages -> Preview On/Off.

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