How to transfer iPhone music to iTunes library, Mac

Lot of iPhone & new Mac laptop users have this question. They still have their music on iPhone. They want to transfer their iPhone music to Mac computer or iTunes library.

So how to copy music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to Mac?

Apple doest not allow you to copy your music files out of your iOS device.iPhone is not a backup or storage device. But you can do this thing through 3rd party apps.

  1. Download and install DeTune (3rd party free app for Mac). Make sure enable “Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere” option in Settings-> Security & privacyCopy Trans is a alternative program for Windows users.

This simple app allow you to select and move one or all songs or videos from your iOS device to Mac computer

2. Before connecting your iOS device to computer, launch iTunes and navigate to Menu -> iTunes    -> Preferences.

In Devices tab, select “Prevent iPods,iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically”. It will prevent iTunes automatically open when you connect your device to computer. You can disable this option anytime after you copy and paste the files.

3. Connect your iOS device to computer and open DeTune. After 1 or 2 seconds later You can see the media populate on the left panelDetune mac app

3. Select one music file or use shift key and select multiple media files. Then dragging it into a folder.

Thats all.

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