Sync vs Backup : Difference between iOS backup and syncing?

Lot of Apple users frequently asked this question “what’s the difference between sync and backup in iOS devices and iTunes?”. This article will explain about sync vs backup.

So what is the difference between doing a sync and doing a backup with iTunes in Mac or Windows computer for iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Syncing means 2 things.

  1. Two or more systems or devices (e.g. Mac, iPhone, iCloud) contain the same up to date content like bookmarks, contacts, mails etc.
  2. It is a process of 2 way transferring data.

You can sync your iPad or iPhone with iTunes on your computer using WiFi or USB cable. You can sync music, books, apps, bookmarks etc. Syncing process make sure that data or content is same on iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and computer.

Doing a backup means one way coping of most files or data from one location to another. You can backup most data on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch using iTunes or iCloud.

Doing a backup is necessary. If you lost any of your iPhone or iPad content, you can restore them with your old backup.

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