How to Stop sharing call history between two iPhones – recent calls

In iPhone’s recent call history has calls which you didn’t make. Those calls are the list from another iPhone. The reason behind this error is when single Apple ID shared across two iPhone’s. This usually occurs when family members or partners decide to link devices for easy common access.

This article describes some of the possible solutions on how to fix recent calls appearing on another iPhone.

Solution 1: Check Apple ID connect to other linked devices

  1. Go to settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Open iCloud to check the logged user email address.
  3. Check whether the same user can be used in another iPhone.

Disable iCloud drive on one of the devices

  1. To log off one user from the iCloud, toggle off the iCloud drive functionality as shown in the image below
  2. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive and switch off the toggle

switch off iCloud drive on iPhone

Solution 2: Turn off option calls on other devices (for old iOS users)

  1. Go to Settings > Phone -> Calls on other devices
  2. Turn on ‘allow calls on other devices’. This will list all the devices signed into your iCloud account
  3. Turn off all those devices
  4. Turn off ‘allow calls on other devices’

By doing this even if you are sharing the same Apple ID across family members, the call details will not show on another iPhone.

Solution 3: Use different email address in MY INFO section

  1. Go to settings -> Contacts – My Info.
  2. Update a new email address in your contact email section.

If email address is unique across iPhone’s, phone history can’t be shared

Solution 4: Disable ‘Handoff’ in iOS device

A new option ‘Handoff’ is introduced from iOS 8.

  1. Go to settings > General -> Handoff.
  2. Turn it off.

If you knew any other method to stop sharing call history between 2 iPhone’s, inform us via comment form.

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7 responses to How to Stop sharing call history between two iPhones – recent calls

There is no way you can stop 2 phones from sharpening call history iv tried and keep trying for over 6 months now it's an apple glitchy problem only way is to have both phones on a separate account ………

Nigel is correct, apple introduced this problem when they implemented the feature for devices to share like ipad/iphone(surely there was a better way, they didn't think this one through). This implementation broke it for families sharing the same apple id. This has made sharing apps, music, etc. a real pain for families. So now we all have to have separate apple id's for our call logs and even our phones to call each other properly or ping the phone via findmyphone app. When we want to download music, apps we have to login to our old shared apple id download then go back to the separate ones so the phones function properly. This is a huge hassle. thanks apple!

I believe that Nigel is wrong. I have had this problem — my wife's phone calls and call history would appear on my iPhone. And like the article suggests, I solved this problem by turning off iCloud drive on my wife's phone. Apparently, Apple stores call history on iCloud Drive

I have noticed that the problem will sometimes reappear following an iOS update, when the update turns on iCloud drive. Turning off iCloud drive again will stop the problem.

That's a remedy, not a cure. I want the benefit of having just one Apple ID and one iCloud location. I do NOT want the irritation of having my calls appearing on my wife's phone or vice versa. It's got nothing to do with secrecy but everything to do with having to deal with an unnecessary irritation. Apple sometimes gets too clever for itself and forgets that there are users that should be suggesting design changes and not vice versa. Look what happened with Ford and the Edsel!

Alan – the cure is to stop wearing your wife's shoes – Apple ID's were designed for individual use – if you want to share features then use the family sharing, but the Apple ID was designed and built and advertised for use for an individual

I am having the same issue as we share the same Apple ID. If I were to create a separate ID for myself will I loose all of my existing data ie contacts photos etc?

i just talked to genius bar guy. I have two phones. second phone periodically gets activated using prepaid service and is used by various members of my family. but I realized that all my call history to my primary phone is showing up on the second phone.

To remedy this, I found out that you have to turn off the e-mail address used in the shared iCloud account off in Facetime setting on all phones (settings–>Facetime–>uncheck the e-mail that is the same as iCloudID)

this is even if the 2nd phone doesn't have any appleID or e-mail account associated with Facetime, iMessage or anything (only phone number). any of the phone that has the e-mail on Facetime using the same as the iCloud registered to the phone, it will transfer the call history to all other phones under the same iCloud account sharing the e-mail.

meaning, let's say I have an iCloud account using, and use that e-mail for Facetime and iMessage as well on the primary phone, as well as on the desktop and iPad.

the 2nd phone ONLY has iCloud logged in using, and on imessage and Facetime no e-mail account is associated with them in the settings, only the second phone number. but since the Facetime on the primary has the activated to receive Facetime calls, all the call to the primary phone (using normal phone call.. not a Facetime call) will show up on the 2nd phone call history. but since 2nd phone does not have the on the Facetime settings, the call history to the 2nd phone will not show up on the primary.

this is one convoluted logic. if they have separate Facetime settings where you can separately choose e-mail address used for Facetime, iMessage, etc., it shouldn't automatically link two different phone numbers (even if they're different carriers!) into one! THat's like unauthorized call forwarding. who in apple thought this is a good idea to force call history forwarding like this????

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