2 Ways to Speed Up CrashPlan Backups

CrashPlan is inexpensive automated backup service which offer unlimited backup. But its uploading speed is really low. Also your computer face high CPU usage when you run CrashPlan.

CrashPlan upload speed is 2 Mbit/s. Our methods might increase it to 20 to 25 Mbit/s.

Method 1: Download and run the following scripts

These scripts will edit the configure files and restart the CrashPlan service.

Mac : Download script for Mac. Run this script with elevated privileges using ‘Sudo’ command.

Windows :  Download CrashPlanFix-Windows.zip. Unzip all files and run CrashPlanFix.bat file with Administrator permission (right click the file and choose Run as Administrator).

Linux : uncompress ther file CrashPlanFix-Linux.sh.gz and run CrashPlanFix-Linux.sh.

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Method 2;-

Go to CrashPlan configuration directory in Linux : /usr/local/crashplan/conf/ (sorry for the Windows and Mac users)

Open my.service.xml file and find the following lines.

  • <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize>1073741824</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize>
  • <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSizeForWan>0</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSizeForWan>

0 is a meta value which refer unlimited.

Change it to 1.


Then restart CrashPlan engine (/etc/init.d/crashplan).

It will decrease high CPU usage and increase upload speed.

Note : If you face any issue, change the value back to 0.

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