How to fix Password Autofill Keychain is not Working in iOS

Lot of iPhone and iPad users reported this issue. Safari browser saved username and password for website login. But when users open a website the username and password don’t autofill.

Fix 1:  Enable Autofill

You safari browser Passwords & Autofill settings might turned off because of the recent update.

On your Safari browser, navigate to Settings -> Safari -> Passwords & Autofill -> Names & Passwords and set it to ‘On’.

Fix 2: Turn off Safari private browsing mode

Turn off private browsing, if its already on on your Safari browser. Autofill password does not work in Private browsing mode.

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3 responses to How to fix Password Autofill Keychain is not Working in iOS

3/30/18. I just downloaded IOS 11.3 to my iPad, and autofill does not work any more. I don’t know what other features aren’t working until I get this solved.

I am having the same problem. This seems to be a bug in the new update. Does Apple have a site to report bugs?

I am running iOS 11.3 on iPad and auto fill has stopped working.
Not sure how to correct.
I know about private browning and do not know how to turn off. However I am not in the private browsing mode.
Appreciate any fix or maybe an update by Apple is needed.

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