Remove a broken headphone jack : iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook

Some times this problem might happens on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook Pro. Headphone jack broken and snapped inside your Apple device.

Devices : iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro laptop.

I have solutions for your problem. These solutions solved so many people issue. Its also works with any other devices like MP3 player, laptop and TV which have 3.5 mm head phone jack.

remove headphone jack

Solution 1:-

Buy a simple BIC pen or use existing one. Take the ink tube and slide it in the socket. If you feel little pressure just push a bit harder and then pull out fast.

Note : Find a pen which one outer diameter will fit in the iPhone or iPad hole and inner diameter will fit the broken earphone jack. Use the end of the ink pen cartridge. If you need alternative for BIC pen tube, use ear cleaning stick (remove sponge from one side.).

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Solution 2:-

Use thumbtack (end bend like hook).

Push the thumbtack into the broken piece of headphone and then twist the thumbtack a couple of times. If you felt the thumbtack had a grasp, pull it out with a broken piece.

Note : If you can’t find the thumbtack use safety pin instead.

Solution 3:-

Put some crazy glue at the end of the tooth pick and stick it in the jack. Wait some time to dry. Then pull it out.

Solution 4:-

Just jam the broken jack into the port. The broken jack might click back into the place and might come.

Other solutions suggested by users

Put tiny bit of super glue and insert the broken headphone jack back on. wait some time and try to remove.

If you have any other suggestions, do let us via comment.

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87 responses to Remove a broken headphone jack : iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook

The bic pen didn't work but the bent paper clip did. Bent it a little at the end, inserted it sideways and twisted it to grip the jack. After many failed attempts I pulled and it popped out and flew across the room.

The bent thumbtack worked! I bent the tip with pliers/grips. It broke into several pieces but I pulled them all out eventually. The pen tube didn't work.

Still not working :c I think I'm just pushing it further in… I suppose I'll have to take it to an Apple comapany or something, my mums gonna ground me for life!

I tried most of the suggestions above, but the way I found that worked…I've done it twice now…is to screw a cup hook into the broken aux and screw a couple of time then pull gently.

My kid's headphones broke in the port and I had no idea until I tried using the iPad later. I couldn't find the right size pen tube at home. The bent thumbtack did not work. I was afraid to use the super glue. Went with "jamming" the headphones back in and pulling them out – SUCCESS! I actually didn't push them in too much but did twist a little once I made contact. So glad I found this page – thank you thank you thank you. Still going to call to let the headphones people know what happened and get a warranty replacement.

This just happened to me, and I just used an old crochet needle, with a bent end. It worked perfectly, but you have to use a little bit of force.

Find a small alligator clip and split it apart. It has small teeth on it. Use whichever piece will fit down in hole and get it next to the broken jack. Put pressure bending slightly left or right and pull up quickly.

Bic pen got part of it out. Grabbed a small, flathead screwdriver (the all metal kind, similar to eyeglass repair), wedged it between the remaining stuck part and "wall" and pried out. Awesome webpage!

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