Problems After Upgrading to iOS 8.1?

Apple released iOS 8.1 update in 20th October. This release add some support and fixes like Instant Hotspot, iCloud photo library, Apple Pay support (US only), camera roll album, group messaging issue, WiFi issue, screen rotation issue, Added support to send and receive SMS, MMS from iPad to Mac.

But iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users reported some new issues based on iOS 8.1 in Apple support discussions. They said “it still not fix some old issues”.

iOS 8.1 issues

Some iOS 8.1 Issues

  1. iOS 8.1 update gives battery drain and heating problem
  2. AirDrop Problem in iOS 8.1
  3. iMessage Activation Error in iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1)

So if you hit any issue based on Apple new iOS 8.1, do let us via comment. We will try to find solutions for your iOS 8.1 issues and inform you via comment.

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18 responses to Problems After Upgrading to iOS 8.1?

Battery is draining very quickly and the phone heats up very badly when data and wifi are used.
IPhone 5s model

Launch Settings.
Tab Cellular
Cellular Data Network
Under Personal Hotspot option, enter username and other details.
Go back to Cellular Data Network. The Personal Hotspot option now will appear.

Battery seems to drain very quickly, and sometimes the screen thinks I'm touching it in places im not. I try to scroll, and it will sometimes think I'm trying to zoom in (I tested the screen on a 5c, and it happened there as well).

Iphone 5

Downloaded 8.1.1 on 23-Nov, my ring tones work but my text tones only vibrate, no sound? I've checked my settings and have rebooted several times.

Downloaded 8.1.1 for Ipad and now find I can't delete apps and the IPad freezes when I try. Powering down and back again unfreezes IPad but doesn't solve the problem.

Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Mail -> turn off Allow Notifications. Close settings. Then launch settings again and turn on Allow Notifications. I think its solve iOS 8 puch email delays.

can't send or receive mms from non Iphone after 8.1 update on Iphone 4. checked all setting & reset network, is there anything else to try

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