How to fix iPhone 4 battery draining fast & running hot

Lot of iOS users reported iPhone 4 running hot and battery draining very fast. 

It went from 100% to 15% in under 6 hours. After used these following fixes, it keep battery at 87% after 12 hours.

Try the follwing fixes with WiFi. So you can sync and check your mail fast.

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  1. Delete all your mail accounts.
  2. If you ae a Mobileme user, delete your MobileMe account. Also remove contacts, notes, calenders etc. from the phone. Its avoid duplicates when you re-sync.
  3. Turn off and on yuor iPhone.
  4. If you are using MobileMe account, then add it first. Then enable all options even Find My iPhone. Wait some time for calenders and contacts to sync. 
  5. Now add back each mail accounts. 
  6. Go to Mail and MobileMe account inbox. Scroll dowwn to fetch the mails.
  7. Now go to combined inbox (if you are used that) make sure all messages avilable there.
  8. The WiFi activity spinner might spin after mail shows message it is done.  Because other email accounts besing synced forst time. Wait until spinner stops. Close mail.
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