How to fix OS X Yosemite Memory leaks & High CPU usage issues

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How to solve Mac OS X Yosemite memory leaks and high CPU usage issue

Step 1:- Disconnect all external or secondary monitors from your Mac, if you have

Video memory allocation leak issue may happened because of the Mac system which have integrated card like Intel with no external monitors attached.

So remove any external display if you have.

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Step 2:- Fix disk permissions using Safe mode

Shutdown your computer and enter safe mode (press Shift key when you turn on your system again). After you entered the safe mode, fix disk permissions.

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Step 3:- Do SMC Rest

Shutdown your computer again from the safe mode. Then reset SMC (System Management Controller).

Step 4:- Reset PRAM

After you complete reset SMC, the reset PRAM.

Then turn on your computer and check your Mac computer issues.

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