How to fix the No Notification Sound issue on iPhone & iPad

This issue mostly happened after iOS update like iOS 8.1.1. Users lost notification sound with incoming calls, texts, emails, FaceTime, games and other apps. iPad or iPhone notification sounds not working.

Devices : Iphond 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3

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Solution 1:-

  • Go to Settings and make sure you do not have Do Not Disturb activated. You might switched on Do Not Disturb (the moon symbol) from drag up control center.
  • Check the volume on the ringer,.
  • Check the mute button. Your iPhone might frozen in mute mode. Flick the Mute button on and off several times.

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Solution 2:-

  • Reset network Settings. Go to Settings -> General -Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  • Reset All settings.
  • Hold the home and lock button together for few seconds until the iPhone restarts itself.

Solution 3:-

Go to under Notifications and disable notifications for messages. Turn off your phone and turn it back on.

Then turn notifications back on for messages.

Other solutions:-

  • Go to your contacts and check the settings for Text messages. If its in default, change it to a specific sound.
  • Put the headphone into the headphone port and remove it.
  • Configure iMessage to receive messages from phone only (not from emails).
  • Turn on Bluetooth and check the notification sound issue.
  • Go to Settings -> Do not Disturb -> Allow calls from -> Choose Everyone.
  • If you are using Google App, go to Settings -> privacy -> microphone and turn it off.
  • Go to settings ->Notifications ->Messages -> alert style when locked. Change it from banner to alerts.
  • Go to any video app like YouTube. Play any video and turn up the volume.
  • Go to Settings -> Sound and move the volume slider right over to the left (silent).
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I just purchased the 6s plus and turning off Bluetooth solved the problem for me. Now I can hear my email and text notifications when the screen is locked.

I accidentally activated the do not disturb, the moon symbol, when I was using the flashlight from the drag up control center. I figured it out after reading solution 1 !! Thank you so much!

I'm a new apple user and I am not a fan. Android is sooooooo much more user friendly. Not sure why apple can't be. Only went to apple because if android battery fires. Not sure it is worth it.

It was the mute button. I have a case that covers it up, so I forget all about it. I took the case off yesterday and the button must have gotten bumped. How embarrassing!

My iPad Air has notification sound problem since last month. No notification sound is coming on any app. I tried all known methods as given out in the trouble shooting guidelines. No success. Pl.advice.

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