Mac: No audio in FaceTime? Here's how to fix it

Lot of Mac users faced this problem. When they communicated their friends using FaceTime, screen sharing, picture and other functions works except audio. One side of the person can’t hear another one voice.

Solution 1:  Restart FaceTime app

Your microphone goes to sleep  or something like that. Close and restart FaceTime app.

Solution 2: Set the Mic in FaceTime

In FaceTime app set the mic in Video menu.

Solution 3: For Mac Mini & logitech web camera users

If you are using Logitech C920 camera & mic, it operates on a 2ch-16bit integer (You can verify this via /Application/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup and choose Logitech C920 and look default “Input” volumes). Change the Mac Mini’s default audio Output to “2ch-16 bit integer”.


Set format to 24000.0 Hz.

FaceTime audio logitech

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Solution 4: Adjust the internal speaker volume

Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences-> Sound -> Output. Turn on internal speakers and adjust the volume.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “FaceTime no audio” problem on Mac, inform us via comment.

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