Macbook Pro : Built in iSight camera not working? fix

MacBook Pro build-in camera (iSight) has not been working properly. At first the camera works normally then after a while it stops but the green light stays on. When users try to open Photo booth or other apps it says

  • “camera not connected”
  • “No iSight Camera Detected”
  • “There is no camera connected”.


Open Terminal and type the following command.

sudo killall VDCAssistant

This command will restart the camera software. It will fix 90% of camera problems. Now Reopen Skype like apps to check the camera.

Other solutions:-

These solutions suggested by other Apple support community users.

  • Do a back up on your Time Machine.
  • Try to uninstall some audio software.
  • Try to reset SMC.
  • Use Disk Utility to repair permissions.
  • Some times this issue happened because of the hardware issue. Check device warranty status and take it to Apple care. Replacing the full screen might make the iSight camera work again.
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