iPod Touch 5th Generation won't turn on? Here's how to fix it

Your iPod Touch 5th Generation will not turn on? We have some solutions for your iPod issue. Recently some Apple users report issue about iPod Touch 5th generation in Apple support community.

First users locked their iPod. When they went to check it again it would not turn on. Also iPod does not respond to anything.

Solution 1 :-  

iPhone 6 hands reset

Reboot your iPod.

Hold down both power button and  home button together until Apple logo appears.

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Solution 2:- 

Try to restore your iPod device with iTunes.

Connect your iPod to computer using USB cable and open iTunes app.

If your iPod device appears in iTunes, select and choose reStore option in the summary panel.

If your iPod does not appear in iTunes, try to force your device into recovery mode.

Note: Please do not restore your iPod until your have a backup of your iPod. Because this restore process will erase your iPod data.

Solution 3:-

If your problem not solved after reset or restore, contact Apple.

If you have any other solutions for this problem, do let us via comment.

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280 responses to iPod Touch 5th Generation won't turn on? Here's how to fix it

thank for what u have done this has helped a lot and this was my seconded ipod so I was like OMFG what and I going to do. Then I tried this and it worked

It didn't work for me, I updated my iPod and then I tried to turn it on but it didn't work it hasn't turned on for a whole year now do you know whats wrong with it?

Oh My Gosh! My iPod would not turn on but now after using this website (solution 1) my iPod finally turned on and everything was saved!!! I have never had a website work this good!! I recommend the website so much! 🙂

I tries solution #1 and showed the apple logo, but turned off. So then i tried it again and it turned off again. I guess that leaves option 3 contact apple to see what they can do.

OMG this works soon good i could not figure out what to do! i do not have the money to buy a new one so happy about this!!

My iPod won't turn. On I tried everything and won't work I charged it held down power button and left it alone for a while nothing what do I do

My ipod touch 5 won't turn on. I tried DFU on two computers but it failed with Itunes error 4005. I'm not sure If getting a a old macbook will help.

I got it wet two months ago, but there wasn't any signs the ipod was damaged by it.

I downloaded the new ios 9.3.2 and the ipod died maybe in the same week or the other.

My iPod is about two to three years old and doesn't seem to be charging and even turning on. I've tried pressing the home button and the power button at the same time while the charger was plugged in and it just stays frozen with the apple logo in the screen. What I've noticed about my iPod 5 is that before the apple logo pops up there are some pixels in the screen that do this weird sparkle (top right) then go away as soon as the logo comes up. I don't have a computer to do an ITunes start up but I don't think that would be the solution right ?

One day chilling outside (literally). It was only about -1. My iPod 5 died but it was at the time where you can keep turning it back on after it was dead for a round two sorta thing.(Prior I had trouble with charging when I had to move the charger to a certain position to charge.) I plugged it in. The battery icon appeared meaning it was charging. After about 10 minutes (normal charging time is about 3-5 minutes after dead.) of it charging the apple icon came up as normal. But the apple icon stayed for 5 minutes plus. (It's only supposed to stay for about 30 seconds before it turns on to lock screen). After the icon went away I turned it on again while it charged cause the screen shut off. For about 2 monthes it stll did that until now. It dosnt do anything after hours of charging and iTunes plug ins and restart attempts. I tried Everything. I want important filed from it and I'm stuck. If anyone has any help or how to fix it or solutions. Contact me please.

Friday night i came home from a football game and my iPod was in my back pocket and it got really warm i put it on the charger and it won't do anything i tried pressing all four buttons but it won't work. You can help please email me at Dlmoan@cusd10.org or replay back thank you

i had my ipod in my lap (ipod 5 touch) i turned it off or looked up then back down it was off then i couldn't turn it back on

My iPod randomly shut down while i was on snapchat. I pressed the home button and the power one and then the itunes logo appeared, but I dont have my ipod backed up. PLLLLLLZZZZ HELP!!

I was using my ipod 5 last night its battery was at the end.Suddenly it turned off.i put it on charging but its not showing any thing even the apple logo does bot appear.i am so freaking out..plz tell me what to do??

What type of charger are you using Anam? I'm talking about the bit that plugs into the wall. The one exactly for the ipod 5 or a fast charge or not?

But my ipod doesn't turn on at all. The apple sign doesn't come up. I have very important stuff on my ipod and i really need to fix it.

My iPod touch 5 is completely dead. Won't charge. Tried reboot, plugged into iTunes and it won't recognize device. Any help?.

My son's ipod 5 just has the apple after trying the home and power button trick which worked about a month ago. Not sure what to do itunes doesn't recognize it and I hate to have to send it in. Please help if you can. Thank you

PLEASE HELP!! I have the ipod 5 gen, sometimes it just turns off and doesn't turn back on. My home button is broken so I have accessive touch. Usually I just wait about 3 days and it turns back on. Today It turned back on, but when i turn it on the screen is just black and my accessive touch button is in the corner. I tried opening the apps through the control center but it didn't work. Everything else in my control center works perfectly fine. So iasked siri yo open a couple of my apps, camera and clock. He said, I can not open the app..My apologies. If anybody knows how to fix this please help!

let it die then charge it and go to settings and turn on accessive touch worked for me.Also tell siri to Put brightness all the way up.

OMFG this is the second time that my iPod turns off by itself and it scared me ???? I tried this last year and it worked I tried it again and thank god.it worked ????

My iPod just turned off. My home button is broken so I use assistive touch. Holding the home button and power button used to work for me, but now I cant do that. Someone help?

Thank you sooo much! I had previously attempted to hold down the home button and power button (solution 1) and that did not work. For some reason when I did it after reading the suggestion on this website, it did! I am so grateful! Thank you!

I like to give a shout out to this website, for helping me turn my iPod back on. It wasn't working for 30 minutes, than I finally pressed the home and on button, and in about Ten or fifteen seconds it turned back on. I've had this problem before, and now I finally now how to fix it. Thanks, iphonetopics

Thank you so much!! I was really stressed and this actually worked! Very impressed by this website thanks again!!

I have had this ipod for about 4 to 5 years now, and then all of a sudden it stopped working. I thought i was gonna have to buy a new one or try to replace all the stuff on it to get it to work again. But the first thing i tried was here, and it worked like a charm. I now i can breath a sigh of relief. This was great. Thank you so much!

My iPod touch 5th gen does not turn on. I tried holding both buttons and doing it on recovery mode but it does not turn on. Not even when I tried to charge it, it does not show the low battery sign.

my ipod 5th generation won't turn on either, its about a year old, I believe just over warranty
I have tried the above steps. I am looking for my receipt but so far no luck

Yay my ipod would't turn on and my last two crashed and I had to go to the apple store to replace it each time. so I was freaking out but then I plugged in my ipod to my laptop and it turned on. thank you!

Mine will not turn on, I tried everything even bought a new charger what do i do ? just wasted 200 bucks and the warranty JUST ran out?!

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