iPhone Making Random Calls? Here’s how to fix it

This sometimes happens guys when you just pick up your iPhone, it will make random call to some one. And they may call you again to scold you for repeated calls. You will blink that what is happening? I didn’t do that. And you may think that some one is playing with your iPhone or some evil spirit is working behind you. Sound’s funny right?? Yes to read this it will be funny but if you experience it then it will be annoying. So don’t worry guys. You are at the right place, here I have listed some working ways to solve this issue.

Why this happens???

Mostly this case can happen when you have any virus in your iPhone. So try to run full scan in your iPhone. Because some virus may cause you to make spoof calls, which may lead to trouble later.

Or else you might have kept your iPhone in your pocket, two or more rubbing may cause you to make your lock to get unlocked and that may lead to this problem because it’s possible that the proximity sensor might be having an issue and it is calling people when in your pocket for some reason

There may be some hidden application in your iPhone which may make your iPhone to make this prank calls. So avoid updating your old application.

What to do???

Solution 1: Reset all settings

Let us try with some soft deal, reset your iPhone.

Make the default settings in your iPhone.

Menu → Settings → General→ Reset → Reset all the settings

If you make the above change in your iPhone the problem may be almost solved.

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Solution 2: Update to latest iOS version

There may be some bugs not fixed in your OS. So try to fix the bugs by updating your software.

Use the following command to do so.

  • At first connect your iPhone to PC.
  • And then Launch iTunes application
  • After launching this you will see the update option.
  • Choose that option and Select Software Update Option in order to update your Device software.

Solution 3: Turn off the voice control

Sometimes there may be a chance of accidentally activating the Voice control mode. So iPhone may pick sounds as names of people to call.

So turn it off to get rid of this problem. Go for the following way to come out of this problem.

Settings→ General→ Passcode Lock→ Turn Passcode Off.

Solution 4 : Put iPhone into DFU mode

You can back up the device either via iCloud or iTunes.
2. Put the device in DFU Mode
3. Connect your iPhone to your computer & initiate the computer’s iTunes app. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet.
4. When iTunes detect the device in recovery, and prompt you to restore, select the restore option.
5. When the process is complete, set up the device as new.

At any of the solution listed above, your problem may be solved. So check out this steps and I quit sure that your problem may get solved by the above provided solution.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone Making Random Calls” issue, inform us via comment.

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